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I'm a 21 year old blogger, I live in Holland, My favourite cookies are fleshly baked one's with chocolate chips of course, I love to dance and sing even though I can't, Going out with my friends, Swim, Cook and try new things with food, Sunny days, Lazy Sunday mornings, Cuddling, Laughing till my tummy hurts, Snowboarding, WeHeartIt, Minions from Despicable me, Fun fairs, Festivals, Taylor Swift's music, Books, Netflixing, Making photo's and much much more...
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In case you are wondering why the blog named "All the things I've never said.."
I used to be very shy and I never really had the courage to stand up for myself,
Or to get out of the role of wall flower, speak up or make a statement,
And it made me think of all these things I've never said...
So now you know...
That you'll be reading about,



Me and my little bro.

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Mantra... these are the real struggles or high bubbles, depends on
your looks at it... lets make it bubbles :)

Well, lately we've been getting a lot of questions about blogging,
The latest question is
"When do you write?" 

To be honest. Lot's and lot's of people suppose I sit down when I write,
But that's not the case at all. 
Many of the times inspiration springs when I am walking to the station,
Of when I am dancing to some of my fav music,
If I really think about it,
Even when I am showering,
But all of them while I am doing something active,
So many of the times,
You see me talking into my phone,
Saying some lines I have to remember,
Or typing it in notes....
Weirdest I've ever done,
Was that I wrote it down on toilet paper,
Since I did not had my phone with me...

So there's that. 


Ohhhhh please, please, let us spend the vacation in this library. :)


Anonymous said...

Mooie site Carmenta, ik zou graag je willen contacten voor een evenement, heb je e-mail?

Carmen Verduyn said...

Ja hoor, mijn e-mail adres is: carmenverduyn@gmail.com :)