Monday, September 30, 2013

Good enough

I'm not good enough,
I never was and I never will be...
How could you see something in me?
Just leave me be,
Cause you haven't even got an idea...
Of what you would meet in "we"
When you still have the change flee,
Set yourself free,
Leave the key.
And don't look back,
At this whole so black,
Don't you ever look back...

Go find yourself, I'll be waiting, today, tomorrow.

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

You're all the colors of love...

I used to feel only grey, then you came and made everything in my head intoxicating red, now I'm a little blue searching for something that make's me feel like glowing and growing green.
I wish for a love so girly pink that the butterflies are unable to sink, they make me unable to think, that pretty pretty pink. 
I'm gonna date someone with a yellow glow, with all those colors combined love would be a rainbow.
I love you so like a rainbow, don't you know... didn't I show, you're all the paint and all thats saint.
You shine brighter than light you're white, I love you're halo, for it stays it doesn't go.
when you're sad and feeling down you're color becomes brown and you're eyes frown.
Before you I only felt lonely grey, I didn't know what way, to ever say... I promise to stay. 
But you my love I could never leave on you can't turn my back because when you're gone that beautiful colored world becomes black. 
I promise to stay if you promise you will never give you're light away. 

They boys the girls they all like Carmen,
She's all the colours of love...

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Heart attack

I wished you come and save me,
give me some air to breathe...
I can't live just from gasping for air.
Just try to pretend you care...
As you leave me there to die,
Without a reason why,
Just leaving me to cry...
No matter what role I play or what position I lay...
You never give my eyes time to dry...
As you leave me there to die,
Without a reason why,
Just leaving me to cry...
Im scared to find myself tied down by you're anger,
I don't know this stranger,
All I can see in you're eyes is danger,
How could someone I used to know so well become a reckless stranger..?
It used to be naturally, but suddenly you've got this mean streak,
When I talk, you don't speak...
You knock me down and make me weak,
Please go back, go back,
Stop giving my heart this attack,
I don't want it to crack,
Stop giving me a heart attack.

Stop giving me a heart attack....

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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Who said "Heavier Things" 
Inside this continuum try 
To shut out battle studies 
In the room for squares 
Where I was born and raised, 
The inside wants out of the reverie I'm in, 
For a love should be louder than the pressure to be perfect...

john mayer quotes make me fall in love...

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Life's philosophy

It took me some time to understand, 
Its all about what you can not what you cant.
It took me some time to figure out, 
There is nothing good about doubt. 
Today is the day it came to me, 
Its all about what you want to see!

we see what we want, darkness or light is a choice.

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Foxy Fox

It was summer loving season when I went looking a reason.
It took me by surprise, The excitement in their eyes, 
Almost a blue glancing sunrise.
Always dreaming without mind, 
Wishful thinking but not completely blind.
I've found the reason to believe, 
Had been with all this time, Sitting on my sleeve. 
All this time my heart, Was the place to let my life start!

Open heart, open door.

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Too much rang the false alarm,
They don't know anything about self harm,
The marks you hide from the light,
To remain a little bit of you're pride,
You don't let anyone see,
How far away you can be.

As the anger inside gets raised,
That monster finds its way uncaged,
To a shaving blade it haistes,
Making art mark on you're wrists,
Hitting blue bumps with you're fists,

All the sadness you hide,
Thoughts of suicide,
It dances round in you're head,
Bleeding or intoxicating death,
Ringing the alarm bell until the last breath.

I only wanted peace in my mind

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