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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Daddy's girl.

Snuggle into bed,
Warm and save,
Hear the beating,
Of your heart,
I wake up,
Fall asleep,
At the same time,
Most wonderful,
Feeling in the world,
With the three of you,
Locked inside,
That double bed,
One happy family,
I wrap myself,
Inside your,
Strong arms,
I am home,
So I will teach,
My children to love,
Just as you,
Taught me.

Love is all you need, Beatles & Daddy life lessons. 

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Monday, May 18, 2015

It was never the heart.

It is never the heart,
It was never the heart,
Nor will it ever be the heart,
That makes this part,
So devestatingly hard,
The letting go,
Does not occur,
Is not processed,
Nor recollected,
In our hearts,
I don't know,
Who ever came up,
With the feeling that,
They thought in fact,
It did.

Cause it doesn't.

It is never the heart,
It was never the heart,
Nor will it ever be the heart,
That makes moments into memories,
That attains them and locks it,
Inside the guts of our brain,
That keeps reminding us,
That this morning,
We have not or did we remember him yet?

It is always the brain,
It was always the brain,
It will always be the brain,
That keeps the body in pain,
The mind is so powerful,
It demands us to feel, expirience,
The lost,
It reminds us we need to feel,
In our hearts,
To be able to process,
And work trough all the emotions,
Moments, memories, dates,
The scent of his smell,
In order to forget about,

It is never the heart,
It was never the heart,
Nor will it ever be the heart,
That hurts the most,
It's the mind that wants to keep tabs on it's gaps,
It's the mind that misses whats lost,
It was always the mind,
It is always the mind,
That hurts the most.

How could it have ever been anything else then the mind?

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Tied only so...

I thought about avoiding you,
But can I even,
When our life's are so close,
When they get played out,
Just a few miles apart,
Not only do we rest our bones,
Not far from the others home,
But also the intwined memories,
We used to share up until lately,
Have you ever thought,
That there might be chance,
That we never go out,
Of each others life's,
Even if we wanted to,
Even if we are not a 'we',
Still forever more,
We will be connected,
Cause we've been infected,
With the others ties,
And even though we try,
You can never untie,
A nod tied to tight...
Of thoughts revolving in,
Midnight starlight..

We are tied only by so many little reasons, like happiness is...
we are as well.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Don't want you.

Put on my hot pants,
And the panty you torn that night,
Back in August under the starlight,
I whore my all stars shoes,
The one's we used to lose,
Let my hair down,
Making sure I would,
Trigger your memories,
Smell my best,
Pass the test,
And just then when you started,
As you glanced over to say hello,
I walked away,
For the first time,
I no longer wanted you to be mine,
I did not care at all anymore,
The stunningness was to be read of your face,
I just finally found grace in the idea,
That I don't want a love,
That needs to be reminded, manipulated,
One that asks for me to be something,
I am not...
I don't want a love I have to force,
I just don't want you anymore,
I changed my mind,
Sorry, but don't worry,
For you still have her so,
I'll let you go.

If only you where the one...

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

I miss you...

A year's gone away,
Time flew,
But not like then,
Time flew without memories,
No flawless love,
No enchating night,
No sparkling dates...

A year's gone away,
365 days counted,
But not as they used to,
365 days counted without...
Being accounted for,
No midnight dances in kitchen light,
No chocolate kisses,
No more pantys torn...

A year's gone away,
As if there never where,
Any other way,
A year could go by by,
A year's gone to waste,
Cause now there is,
No frizzy hair to tame,
No cold air to heat,
No soup to eat,
No fights to be fought,
No lessons to be taught,
No celebrations,
And no more collaborations,
No more diners in candle light,
No more...

A year's passed by...
And I still miss you...

 a years passed by and I still miss you,
Like a child misses their mommy,
A boy misses their toy,
I miss you...

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I did it,
I just did it,
Without thinking,
When she asked,
I handed it over,
My whole life's story,
And the story,
Behind the story,
My thoughts,
They all are,
On those 52 pages,
In that one envelope,
It's all in there,
Handed my past,
Present en future into,
Someone else's hands,
For faith to decide over it...
I'll just go home,
That I just did it,
I did it.

It's all in that one envelope, my past,
present and future...

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My future self

First I always used to think when I could go back in time,
I would change so many things,
Take away all the pain,
And make everything okay,
But just now...
As I am getting older,
I started to realize,
That maybe having experienced all that,
Has made me the person I was always longing to become,
Maybe it helpen me get where I wanted to go,
In a very unusual way...
I looked into the mirror,
Into my own eyes,
And started to smile,
We are not the weight of all of our memories,
Nor are we the scars that where left on our skin,
We are only what we believe ourselves to be,
In whatever kind of way you want to see,

Do something today that you future will thank you for.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Carton box filled with life

I'm putting polaroids in a carton box,
Putting al these memories in with them,
That time we sat on the river bank,
The night we danced till morning light,
When we went to a vacation house for a swim,
That bon fire in august,
Not to forget the soccer games,
Nor the old brown bar nights,
Afternoon we layed and watched each other for hours,
Or the festivals we went to...
I'm putting polaroids in a carton box,
But it feels kinda like I'm putting my life in...
One carton box,
Thats filled with my whole life...

Box filled with life...

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Monday, September 1, 2014

I love you...

He loved me,
And all was still,
He loved me,
Yet I got ill,
He loved me,
And I did not say a word,
When he asked,
Why don't you respond,
You don't look so font,
I knew I had to say it,
But I could not,
Say it back to him,
I can not say it,
To anyone but you,
I am haunted,
By the memories of who,
We used to be,
But memories won't hold me,
Nor love me,
As you do...
He loved me,
And then said,
I already knew,
I saw how you looked at him,
He's a lucky guy,
If only you would think the same,
I love you...

I love you... Paris....

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I could say

I could say,
So many things,
About me and you,
All that we've been trough,
All the memories,
Everything shared,
The good and the bad...

We could say,
So many things,
About the two of us,
Me and you,
How we come,
And how we went,
How hearts get broken,
And not bend...

I could say,
Anything I want,
But at one point in history,
You were all I wanted,
And all I thought about,
You where all I talked,
Talked, talked, talked about...

let it go

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Put in reverse

That's wat we all want,
I used to just make friends so easily,
Did not know what it was to judge,
I used to laugh so easily,
Did not know what it was to grief,
I used to be completely free,
Now I am put to place without chains,
It's just how our life's seem to be,
You can only wish that in you're dream,
Or maybe in you're memories,
You can travel back,
Turn around, Reverse,
To the times of before,
When we where child's,
All laughing out loud,
Running wild and free,
Forgetting pain so easily,
Tell me now,
Can you see, 
How our life came to be?
Grown up so suddenly,
Take me back to when I was still me,
Still me...


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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Darling, darling, beating heart

Oh oh,
I said to that crying face,
The face of a scared little boy,
Who ones the body of a grown man,
"Darling, darling... You're heart still beating,
And yes you're still breathing,
My dear, You're still alive..."
His bursted red eye,
Looked right into mine,
I took his hand and whispered,
"Darling, darling, we don't carry,
All the weight of the memories we have,
Not all of us burden what we have to bare,
If you would just... Give up all hope,
And all the wishes for a better past,
Yesterday might define who you were,
But it doesn't says who you are,
Or what you will be,
Look in the mirror and one day,
You might see the exact same things as me"
His shaking voice asked me what I ment,
He said I never saw his scars,
So if I would see them that I might get frightened,
And I slowly replied,
"Oh, oh my dear,
The scars on you're soul,
Where the first one to catch my eyes,
For I have been where you are now,
And dear oh my dear,
The new day tomorrow,
It could be so much bigger and stronger,
Then yesterday,
If you would only hold on,
Look ahead and stop dwelling in self-regret,
Darling... Darling,
You're hearts still beating,
So what else matters?
You're the only thing in you're way..."
Then all that was left,
Was... Silence...

scars turn into beauty...

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Finished cleaning my room

After I finished cleaning my room,
My mom asked me,
How come there is still that ugly black stain on you're light switch,
Honey please wipe it off,
But I cant... Not that I expect her to understand,
Its just like that green mark that once was on my all stars,
It was from a shot we took, 
We were drunk and laughing while toasting so I...
Spilled half of yours and half of mine on our shoes,
And I just couldn't get rid of it,
Its like when I while away those stains,
I also wipe away memories,
And I also clean my heart from the stains you made there,
But I don't want to clean or wipe you out,
For you're all that I think about,
And everything I keep inside my head,
Is just me wishing for you...
I kinda like those little reminders of you around my life,
For you're still one of my favourite distractions,
You the daydream I wish to hold,
You're my one,
You're my person...
And I'd like to be you're person too,
But you havent gotten a clue,
Maybe this thursday I will put on my all stars,
And the clothes I had on that night of my birthday you'll understand,
That there is still room for you're fingers tangled up in my hand...
Maybe I'll act like a bad ass and give you a flirt,
Maybe I be the fire started I used to be and melt you're heart...
After I finished cleaning my room,
I finally understood,
Why it was that I couldn't forget you,
Its because you havent forgotten me neither...
So know I know what to do,
When I find you...

That little stain on my all stars, was like the universe in which,
You and I could still exist, I was holding on to the bead of a spit,
A dream I did not wanted to slit...
And now I'm just waiting till the shine wears off...

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Come to the conclusion

I keep traveling back,
Down the road we walked,
Reminding myself of every move we've made,
All the choices we choose,
All that we've been trough,
And the memories we've made,
I've come to the conclusion that it is really true, 
People do change and memories don't...

I keep re-reading,
My writing of you,
The poems you so perfectly fit,
Or angy ballads with an emotional twist,
All the feelings I had,
And maybe still have,
They are hidden in there,
So now I've come to the conclusion...
That you'll always have a special place in my heart...

As I look at the pictures,
I flash back to all these moments we've spend together and put into forever once the photo was taken,
And I've come to the conclusion,
That maybe baby,
You'll have it too...

This thinking about me and you,
When you come home tired from a long hard week,
When you lay in you're bed,
Or when you sit in the train going home,
Sooner or later,
You'll come to the conclusion,
That I'm still somewhere there deep beneath the surface,
In you're heart I still own a little part...

strawberry heart shaped, was in my ice cream!!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

There I said it...

I just don't know,
For the first time I'm completely blank,
I don't have any words to say to you...
Or well thats not completely true,
There are many things I would like to say to you,
It's just that I don't know how...
How do I say what I think,
When my heart won't let it out my mouth,
How do I speak my mind when my heart takes over,
When I don't feel it...
I just don't know,
For I know what I know,
And I know that you're no good for me,
But I don't feel that way,
I don't feel what I know,
So than how should I say,
That you should go forever,
Just let me go, Walk away,
When all my heart wants to do is scream,
Don't you ever dare,
To stop giving a care,
There I just said it,
I'm scared you'll forget it,
Forget what we've been trough,
The memories, How we used to feel,
All we shared, The magic we made,
There I'll say it,
I'm scared you'll forget about me...

I'm still waiting for you... Holding on to nothing.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Miss them more

I was thinking, thinking hard,
About when it is,
When is love over?
The love between two people,
At witch point?
Then I figured maybe, I think maybe,
It is when you more in love and infatuated... With the memories,
More then with the person you're supposed to love,
You miss the memories more then him,
Miss them more...
There you go, 
Closed door...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

if I'll stay in you're past

If you'll stay in my past,
Then I'll let you love someone else,
I'll fear you like a ghost,
I'll make sure that we stay strangers that only share memories,
I'll swear to you, to never love you again...

If I'll stay in you're past,
Then you'll have to leave me,
Then you'll no longer get the chance to decieve,
Then you'll better go to the grave and grief,
You'll have to swear to trow it all out...

If I'll stay in you're past,
You'll have to be okay with the fact,
That I will love again, just not you,
That I will date again, just not you,
That I will forget again, but only you,
Not him, he will be my future,
He won't ask me to stay in the past,
So tell me now,
Is the past is what you want?

Go ahead walk ahead,
But don't look back,
For he will love,
What you never loved.

Monday, March 10, 2014


A superstar,
Thats what you are,
And you dont know me,
Or anything about me,
You cant see me,
You will never know anything,
If I wouldn't excist you would never know,
I'm just a name,
Just a number,
Another girl you sing to sleep,
Everynight from youtube,
You wisper goodnight,
Afther the last song,
The one always there,
The one who sings a thousand memories,
Sweet sweet superstar,
You'll never know me,
Youre life, 
Flashing camera's,
Thats what you are...

Re-write of my fav superstar Taylor Swift song: obviously Superstar

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Youre face

I see you're face everywhere,
Every curly boy, every place,
In every crowd,
You're all I see,
You're all I dream about,

If I might lose the image of you're face,
In these buzy buzy days,
Can I still be saved by prays?
Or is it no longer "in case"...
I lost the fight, the battle,
I'm no longer the one you chase

I see you're face everywhere,
Every curly boy, every place,
In every crowd,
You're all I see,
You're all I dream about,

I loved all the memories,
It's carved in our life threes,
Our hearts used to be burning hot,
But we've got shot,
Were bleeding and freezing,
Our love we must have forgot,

I see you're face everywhere,
Every curly boy, every place,
In every crowd,
You're all I see,
You're all I dream about,

All I wish is to say,
I still think of you every day,
Next time you say "hey,"
I want you to stay,
Stay forever... And never again,
Say never for when,
In that moment then,
You stand here and I there,
You will realize you still care,
And we will love again...

You're all I see,
All I dream about,
You're face,
I don't wanna lose,
The image,
You're pretty face...

Let's fall in love like we used to.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dearest friend

I had a talk last night,
Under the street lantern light,
With a friend I can call my own,
Someone so well known,
We talked trough,
All these things and the peruse,
Of these that make us valeu,
Everything in life,
From just a simple go home drive,
With her I can laugh and I can cry,
She's there whether fall our fly,
Whether sparkling eyes or a cry,
She's one of those,
You'll always have to hold close,
The golden friends you don't want to loose,
The one's you always choose,
You wear their memories like tattoos,
Her sweet face, her smiling grace,
The warmth of her embrace,
Friends like this indeed are all you need,
It's the key to make you're happiness succeed,
Thanks for being my best friend,
May this friendship never end...

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