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Friday, February 26, 2016

Opposite of possession

The hand,
That clenches,
Freckle keys,
Thy are not,
As strong,
As thy appear to be,
Yet neither,
Half as weak,
As the speaking,
Upon the writing,
Painted across the wall,
Who's to fall,
Once more,
Now that,
Thy can choose,
Between what door,
To open,
Whom to close,
What to leave behind,
In order to find,
The light dancing,
Between the sheets,
Or the cereal diner,
At 2 in the morning,
The goosebumps,
Without warning,
Illuminate the skin,
She'd been living in,
For far to long,
It's time to shower,
In change,
For a change.

Damn, I got keys...
Feeling grown up and shit... 

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Monday, July 27, 2015


He understood me,
Quite wonderfully,
Yet to me,
That was the problem,
Any other girl,
Would fall to his feet,
For he understood,
There every move,
He could finish,
There sentence,
Tell their every wish,
Know just when,
To reminisce,
For me it just didn't work,
See I don't want someone,
Similar to me,
I want deep conversations,
Into the middle of the night,
Philosophizing about whether,
Things are black or white,
How boring would it be,
When his only respons was,
"Sure baby. I agree."
I don't want someone to do,
Exactly as I have told,
I do not long for someone,
That might never be gone,
I need the change, the drama,
I need the screwed up, the fights,
Cause the ugly parts,
They make love too...
He understood me,
Quite wonderfully,
Yet I wished not to be understood,
Only to be an question,
Someone else can be the answer,
What is there left for him to be?
When I am so beautifully,
Both of these things,
All he then could ever be,
The remains of this where,
Really nothing at all.
He understood me,
Quite wonderfully,
Yet art never get's understood,
For it has not any reason,
I desired to be the art in someone's heart,
When he wanted reasons,
All that I had to offer,
Where reasons to leave.

Maybe I solely,
Became art,
When I broke,
Your heart. 

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You told me,
Not so long ago,
That you divide,
Your life into,
Two time age's,
The one before me,
And the one,
After me,
Everyone else thinks,
That is was her,
That broke you,
That left you,
Lost and with the need,
To change.

Yet you said to me,
Last night,
"It was never her,
When I was with her,
I did not even knew,
What love was,
Yet when we collided,
I was so sure,
There is so much more,
Maybe I was mistaken,
By looking for it all around,
Don't you think Carmen,
Love was to be found,
When there was you and me,
When suddenly we could see,
As if we had been blind all our lives,
Was there not love,
When you showed me,
I am so much more,
Then what I lay out to store,
Was it not love,
When I told you,
I had no idea what I was feeling,
But I knew that I was believing,
Was that not love?
Cause if that is not love,
I want to feel again,
I don't know what love is..."

His life had been divided not in two,
But in three pieces,
Before me, when he was ignorant,
When he did not knew what was to love,
The second when he had left me,
He was alone again,
When he searched all around,
For something to combine with,
As if he was just an atom,
Waiting to form a pair,
And the third, when he was with me,
As we started out two crazy kids,
But we resonated into lovers,
When we where not ready to love,
Ourselves just as much as the other...
I divided his life into three pieces,
Just as he did,
To mine.

Perhaps we'll meet again when we're better for each other.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Third second chance.

You asked me,
"One more chance?"
Yet the question itself,
To me implies the answer,
I had given to many,
You asked me,
"One more chance?"
This time,
The answer had changed,
So there I went..
"If you,
Bring me the sun,
So I can warm my soul again,
If you bring me the moon,
So soon,
I can think again,
If you bring me the stars,
So that I will shine again,
If you give me the earth,
For me to have a re-birth,
If you hand me over,
The horizon,
I'd been longing to hold,
Inside the palms of my hands,
Even if you could,
You still wouldn't make a chance...
Cause the horizon,
I longed to have so much,
I've passed long gone ago,
When you where still hung up,
On lost love,
And third second chances...."

Even if you hand me the horizon,
We only fell in love with each other,
For we couldn't have them...

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Midnight bubble wrap

I ask myself tonight,
What tomorrow will bring?
I wonder,
If you wonder,
As much as do I,
Have you ever,
Given my the try,
To have a change,
To get over these things,
All that you told me to,
Everything you wanted to do,
Bubble wrapped plans,
That never got a change,
To bloom either,
Never got unboxed,
Just hidden somewhere,
Behind grey dusty covers,
Nowhere near today's lovers,
Let along tomorrow's,
Leaving me with tears to dry,
For one hell of a load of,

Let's take a midnight walk tonight again?

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Monday, April 27, 2015


No confetti,
No music,
Nothing left,
Sound is silent,
Wind lays low,
As we go,
Behind us,
I tend to,
Look back,
Turn around,
Glance at...
My review mirror,
Yet as you,
Squeeze my hand,
I realise,
There is no amount,
Of care, regret, doubt,
That can ever,
Change my past,
The only thing,
That I have,
Now that I,
Broke free,
Is the chance,
To make by my own actions,
The presence I,
Love to be in,
And my present,
Is you.

Confetti falls, when the wall crumbles...

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Game changer

The world was completely blacked out,
I don't even remember what I was thinking about,
The music blasted inside my ears,
I forgot that I had to breathe,
I strocked, I froze, I lost it all,
When he sat down next to me,
I could not remember what acting normal,
Even means at all,
I was wondering if he noticed,
My heart was pounding in my chest,
Cheeks turning red from just looking at him,
He smiled at me, when our hands touched,
I had no idea, that anyone could be,
So infactuated with a stranger,
A complete stranger,
No even knowing there name,
Their story or their game,
Without any knowledge then his eyes,
His looks, his sound and his smell,
I still fell,

I was playing with my neckless, when he sat down next to me,
And suddenly my whole world had changed.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

It takes

It takes a lot to change a man,
But even more,
When one is scarred.

It takes a lot to change a trait,
So much more,
Then to change faith.

It takes a lot to change a person,
But even more,
When one is unwilling.

It takes a lot to change a life,
But even more,
To change lifeless fresh flesh.

it takes a lot to change a man

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My future self

First I always used to think when I could go back in time,
I would change so many things,
Take away all the pain,
And make everything okay,
But just now...
As I am getting older,
I started to realize,
That maybe having experienced all that,
Has made me the person I was always longing to become,
Maybe it helpen me get where I wanted to go,
In a very unusual way...
I looked into the mirror,
Into my own eyes,
And started to smile,
We are not the weight of all of our memories,
Nor are we the scars that where left on our skin,
We are only what we believe ourselves to be,
In whatever kind of way you want to see,

Do something today that you future will thank you for.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

With you, you, you

It seems so strange to me,
That whenever there would be,
A change even the most indirect,
For you it would still feel like effect,
You think it has whatever to do,
With you, you, you...

It seems so vage to me,
That even now you see,
Patterns and signs in everything,
Even if it had nothing,
Nothing at all to do,
With you, you, you...

I thought it would bother me,
But honestly,
I does not at all,
Maybe I'm the same,
Maybe we're both to blame,
With this, this, this...

The only time goodbye is painful is when you
know you'l never say hello again.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Change my future

Today is the day,
That might change my future,
In whatever kind of way,
I could freak out,
I could keep calm,
Or ring the alarm,
But non will matter,
For even if it changes,
How I thought my future would,
Look like,
Life can not be plannend,
Its full of little interuptions,
Its full of "what if's"...
So I'll decided to go with the flow,
Wheter this wind will blow,
The future me,
I'll see.

All you can ever believe in is now- this moment-
because in a blink everything can change...
-- Dexter Morgan. 

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

As it was planned

Today was a match day for you're football,
So I planned my afternoon free and asked my girlfriends if they would come too,
Just like I plan every single thing I do,
For every day,
Every night,
And so on and on,
And while you can plan for a change,
And you're calendar and the weather and all,
I never planned that one day I'd be losing you,
I never guessed or thought that one day you would change you mind...
Well I went anyway,
Cause maybe just maybe,
Even though it didn't work out as planned,
It might still turn out right...?

taylor swift, if this was a movie...

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Back to july

I keep om asking myself why...?
Every time I go back to july,
Asking if I did something wrong,
If I maybe missed something along,
Along the way,
Or some writing on the wall,
For me all I could see was the fall,
I was just about to fall,
Even more in love,
Than I was before...
But without reason why,
You forgot july,
And now in winter when nothing ever happens,
Could I've messed up so bad?
In all my being drunk and sad...?
For you to realing a path for me...
Tell what I wouldn't see...
Tell me this is the last time you telling me why,
This is the last tear falling from you're eye,
Why, why why,
You never can forget july,
Why nothing ever will change,
Could I be so wrong,
When I thought it was wrong along?
Could it be so hard...?
To let a broken heart...
...beat again?
To fix us back to when,
We were in july...

Let's go back to July.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Clear sky

I guess I should be relieved,
That the air is cleared,
But in the cleaning slates,
We got something heavier on our plates,
It seems that you're confessing creates,
Some kind of change,

I used to think,
With you in sink,
People change,
These things happen,
And maybe for...
A reason?

But as I look back,
With every sneak attack,
It occurs that it can't,
How could the reason,
Not involve me,
When it was supposed to be,
You and me...

How could I get washed out,
And turned off,
When you spoke about words,
To only dream about...
Like love?!
A word so dangerous,
The thought of it scared me,

How could it be,
How could it be,
That even if it was a movie,
The curtain was closing in,
On the 'we',
That might have existed,
If our logic wasn't so twisted...

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I dont ever want to be second choice again...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

My only one

I'd like to believe that there are people in this world ment to be together,
Always drawn to each other,
And waiting to be found,
But when I believe this it also means,
That maybe,
You and me,
We are both waiting,
Waiting for each other to make a move,
To ask te question,
To walk in the others life and change it for the better,
Witch is quite a difficult matter,
Because I'm waiting here,
And you're waiting there,
But were nowhere near,
Each other near the one waiting for,
And if we both wait until were ready,
Ready to make a move or a choice or a stand,
We can wait till the end,
We can wait forever,
Because we will never be ready,
If one of us doesn't save the other,
Oh sweet holy mother,
Tell me what to do,
Am I ready for love,
Am I ready for faith,
Am I ready for my once-in-a-life?
I guess I should,
Start the way I would,
Want you to start if you could,
I'll just be the bigger one,
If you're gonne be my only one...

My only love...

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Darling dont ever change

As sweet as sugar,
As pure as snow,
As innocent as a child,
Please darling dont ever change,

As warm as summer,
As light as a feather,
As flexible as waves,
Please darling don't ever change,

As help full as a hand,
As silent as closed lips,
As patient as an angel,

I could ask you to please never change,
But that would hold you down,
So if you promise to never change so I don't recognize you anymore,
But to never stay the same either,
I'll promise to be you're best friend,
Till forever comes to an end.

Darling, don't ever change. -- Berlin wall

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Monday, December 16, 2013

He tried to...

He tried to change me,
You didn't...
He tried to lie to me,
You didn't...
He tried to fool me,
You didn't...
He tried to wear me down,
You didn't...
He tried to take the best of me,
You didn't...
You never did,
And I hope you never will,
For I'll love you till,
Till you make me cry,
So try not to give me a reason why,
Not to give me a reason to cry...
He tried to break me,
You made him fail...

Boys in books are better.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Change the world.

Don't you see the sorrow?
Don't you see the pain?
So much wrong in this world...
Why God? Don't they pray?
It seems like we all forget, what truly matters in life.
The things you can not buy are the best in this world.
Like love, laughter, friendship, compassion, freedom, sound, sunshine...
It's like were getting blind for things ment to be unseen by eyes.
Where did wisdom go?
When did our heart got shot down for feeling and believing?
Is no one else tired of living so cold, only caring for money and gold?
What I wish for doesn't come in a carton box or a plastic wrapper...
I wish to feel with all my heart and soul.
To be the change in the world I wanna see.

If you are crazy enough to think it, you can change the world.

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