Back to july

I keep om asking myself why...?
Every time I go back to july,
Asking if I did something wrong,
If I maybe missed something along,
Along the way,
Or some writing on the wall,
For me all I could see was the fall,
I was just about to fall,
Even more in love,
Than I was before...
But without reason why,
You forgot july,
And now in winter when nothing ever happens,
Could I've messed up so bad?
In all my being drunk and sad...?
For you to realing a path for me...
Tell what I wouldn't see...
Tell me this is the last time you telling me why,
This is the last tear falling from you're eye,
Why, why why,
You never can forget july,
Why nothing ever will change,
Could I be so wrong,
When I thought it was wrong along?
Could it be so hard...?
To let a broken heart...
...beat again?
To fix us back to when,
We were in july...

Let's go back to July.

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