one night crime...

And as we were there in the tent,
As the liquor flowed,
As the power of the beat,
Heated up the heat,
As the dance shoes came out,
And side by side,
We let it all out on the dubstep,
Our song came on,
Our line,
It will be alright,
It is now or never,
He pulled me closer,
He started to walk,
To run,
Towards the exit,
And we snug out,
On the festival,
We when from taken to trailer,
And I whispered,
It's now or never,
I'd rather have when night...
Then nothing at all,
So it's now or never,
And he looked me in the eye,
Smiled as if he knew what I was thinking,
And said,
Let's live in the now,
We won't wanne miss the after party,
Do we?
I must admit... That I don't,
For I see sparks fly,
Whenever he's near,
Whenever he smiles,
He's all I need,
And I need to breath,
I need to scream,
So let's dance just one more night,
Pretend that we have a perfect world,
Go back in time,
And wake tomorrow,
Go back to alone and perfectly fine...
Away sorrow of mine,
If we just have a one last night crime.

The night we lost control, one night crime.

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