I'm you're statisfaction

You said you read them,
All of them,
Or at least mostly,
But what does that mean,
You where just browsing on my page,
When you stumbled on the link,
You wanted to check it out,
Not as in that it would be nice for me,
But only to see,
If I had written anything about you,
You said you always hoped,
That you were a inspiration to me,
And the only things you have to say,
Is that you're flattered and that my words,
Have much much power,
Where does that leave me now?
Why do you care,
Why do you bother to look,
When you get all the love you need,
From her,
Or don't you?
You can't start a new chapter,
When you keep re-reading the last one,
When you keep going back to the pages,
That were supposed to be burned,
That should get turned black,
That should be dust to dust,
And no more hiding them in dawn,
When you're parents turn to the lawn,
You shouldn't even take the marker there,
No no no,
You lie to her,
When you say it's over,
For it's more over for me then you,
And I might know that it is fine,
And maybe at some other point in time,
You can still be mine,
Yet you keep on asking my opinion,
You need my clearance in every thing,
That could give you satisfaction,
So have you ever considered the option,
That you need me to give you stratification,
Because I'm you're satisfaction,
Just me...
On a night like this one...
Just me...

I'm still you're statisfaction, admit it...

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