how long...

For how long will I love you?
I thought of that when I fell in love with you,
Thinking that would be our one and only chance,
But my love,
It was our fist chance,
And there will be so many many more chances,
For true love always finds it's way,
Or at least I think so,
We just move around in circles,
Always finding each other in revolving,
Anywhere in the world,
I would find you're face in a crowd,
I would recognize that beautiful and lost soul,
That bright white halo of yours,
And I know that you do too,
I know, I know, I know,
For I love you so,
And a love so strong,
A love that lasts so long,
How could that be wrong?
If it's true and ment to be,
I'm sure it won't be long,
Before you find me,
Wrapped inside you're arms again,
Before we find ourselves home...

As long as you and I get it, I don't matter, I don't mind.

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