Tuesday, April 22, 2014

If I were drunk

There was this picture saying,
If I were drunk in a room with everyone I loved,
So that would state I guess the two of you,
I wonder in who's arms I fall when the evening ends,
But I already know,
Or so I think at least...
I think it would be you and not him,
For you were the one with the jump,
And the one with the swing,
You were fun... When he was polite,
But could a love as a fire be the one to light again, 
Or is it the patient, caring and never tired love that remains,
The two of you are different,
Yet in one thing there is no differ,
You both broke my heart,
Just as much as I broke yours,
But still in my wondering why,
In my Mindless dreaming,
In thus honest drunk streaming,
In the late night outside screaming,
He wouldn't be worth a try,
No even when he's closer by,
Cause for me There's only you and I...

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