Friday, February 28, 2014

the story of us

I remember it all well,
The first time you're eyes met mine,
Because it stopped time,
It felt like a infinite fraction,

I remember it all well,
The way you walked,
You're dad's perfume smell,
the dust on you're coat,
Me gazing like a goat..

I remember it all well,
And even in my denzel in distress,
You could still tell,
that together we could be unrefined,
You made my heart blind...

I remember it all well,
I was under you're spell,
And you were under mine,
Drawing the same heart shaped line,
Keep spinning back in time,
You fit me like poems fit rhyme,
And you feel better than my favorite sweater,

I remember it all well,
Anyone could tell,
That this was true and real,
This lovin feel,
I still drool like a fool,
Whenever you come close,
And you get that red glancing nose,

I remember it all well,
The story of us,
One of the golden age,
The moest beautiful page,
One with a wage,
One to sing about at a stage,
The only one of all,
That I would still finish for with a fall.

Is it killing you like it's killing me? The story of us. Taylor Swift.

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The seven deadly sins are killing me....

You lay on the sofa,
Just five miles away,
But I'm convincing myself... It's okay,
It was only a one time-crime-stray...

I'm sitting in my room,
A million miles away,
Because I can't convince myself, It's okay,
Were fine, but this isn't the way,

Wrong place, Wrong time,
Just a little crime,
Is that okay,
Is that fine,
Is that alright with you?

I'm so sorry but it's a sin,
Whenever his eyes begin,
I'm losing myself in,
And no one ever wins,
Same stubbornness like twins,

I know it isn't supposed to be so troubled,
It should be crumbled,
My heart should be cuddled,
Not struggled,

Than how can you fur-fill my every need,
How can you ease the bleed,
I have this lust,
For you I must,
It's like a gluttony,
Can't you see?

Oh god the waste,
the guild sticks like paste,
The needing you is greeding,
You make me so confused I just get sloth,
I'm starting to loathe myself...
Is it killing you,
Like the way it kills me?

I'm looking for wrath,
Gosh this envy and pride,
When did they become...
The closest friends by my side,

Just a little crime,
At a little wrong kinda time,
In the wrong place,
But oh my my...
How I want to put you in my trophy case...

She's not what you think... She's an actress

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Say something before it's to late,
Anything is good for our faith,
Wouldn't you just put doubt away for once,
Were no longer the little ones,

So won't you do something before I drown,
Make me laugh don't let me frown,
Everything I would do for you,
If would just do anything for me...

But you're silent and it's getting late,
I'm losing my faith in faith...
Over this whole world I would have followed you,
Nothing I wouldn't have done,
Just to get close to you,
Just to wake next to you,

But you've spoken and now it's to late...
And were no longer lovers I just keep,
Saying I'm sorry it's too late mate...
Mate mate mate...

I don't understand our relationship

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's a cold cold world.

It's a cold cold world,
With frozen hearts,
With ice covered minds,
And frosted life's...
When will the time come?
For one to stand up,
Light a match,
Watch the fire catch,
We've all got the wood,
We all know heat is good,
But we just need someone,
To spark us on,
To let it all start,
Let the melting,
Be felt as if falling in love,
For everyone on this world...
So I guess one day,
Someone on their heart's way,
Will become the fire started,
They were born to be,
Flames will set the motion free...

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I know

I know I'm nothing special,
But I could me you happy,
For a moment at least,

I know they think I'm weird,
But I think I'm rare,
At least for a moment,

I know you say I'm crazy,
But everything you say,
I never stays longer than a moment,

I know I love like a soldier,
Loyaly fighting till I die,
But I wouldn't fight for you,
Not anymore,
Not even for a moment...

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Sunday, February 23, 2014


He laughed,
He knew,
That second,
Right away,
He'd already,
Felt it,
So he laughed,
And I smiled,
We walked away,
Hand in hand...

We skated away

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Here I sit on a sunday night,
Sweatshirt on baggy pants seems right,
But I miss you laying on my side,
Here I'am drinking tea,
Thinking of texting maybe,
Oh baby, oh baby,
I'd always thought falling in love was hard, 
But you made it so dam easy,
You made it easy for me,
To forget what I used to believe,
To be scared for decieve,
To be terrified of a leave,
Oh baby, oh baby,
Maybe, maybe,
Youre the one for me,
Just maybe...

This is the easy sunday kind of love.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

The reason

Watching you watching me,
Is all that I want to see,
It's in our beloved blankets,
That I'd like to wrap myself,
Not going out but staying in,
That's where I'd love to begin,
You will read my poems,
And smile through the tears,
Hold me when I have bad dream fears,
And at bedtime,
I'll be soft and slowly whispering,
Or declaring my love,
For you make me sing,
You're the reason,
The reason,
The reason,
In all I ask,
All I wonder,
All I'm looking for,
The reason I found a home...
You're all my reasons,
All of me my love...

you're all my reasons

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the difference between you & me

the difference between me & you,
We talked about it for hours,
Endless evenings turning to nights,
The resembles, the marks on our heart,
the scars that made us hard,
now were do we start?

the difference between you & me,
isn't there to pin easy,
it's not something you'll find lying around,
we seemed so similar,
almost so much alike like a pair,
and now it's nowhere....

the difference between me & you,
is how we see the good in goodbye,
it how we wonder why,
how we shed our cry,
I let you leave, I let you grief,
But you only come to deceive,
this is a crime and you're the thief...

the difference between you & me,
Is that I'm one how can see,
That it would be the perfect sin,
The perfect win-win crime,
If I stole you're heart,
And you'd steal mine,
But apparently,
It's not you,
But only me,
Were differently...

you and me we're different. 

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room to grow

Last night,
We ignite,
We were infinite,

But now,
Sunshine somehow,
Take's courage away,

2 A.M,
It can,
Be a plan,

You, me,
Together, free,
loving and willingly,

I don't know,
But I like this though...
Is there still room to grow...?

In a love like this?
Is there still room to grow?

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

No you no you no you

Six months went by,
I'm still wondering why,
I might see you tomorrow,
Will you clear my sorrow?
Will it disappear this hollow?
These feelings within,
The battle I'll never win,
This passion is a sin,
I wish for a new begin,
But how will I ever get one,
When I'm still living in,
Our old love song,
Trough my tears I sing along,
But the words seem wrong,
You no longer kiss my lips,
When I miss a note,
Hugg my hips,
When at night I wrote,
No more you,
No more you,
No you,
Six months went by,
And I'm still wondering why...

Six months went by and I'm still wondering why....

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Last fridaynight,
We couldve spend together,
But you just made it,
Like whatever,
Im sorry I said,
That I hate valentine,
But I'm way to scared,
To celebrate, 
Something that depends on faith,
But I'll you once,
Just so you know,
Even if I dont show,
Even if we have no valentine,
We still are valenfine! ❤️

happy valentine or valenfine?

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

whatever it takes

I met you're eyes today,
When they were on their way,
To the grocery store,
Somehow they want more,
For without any vain,
You called my name,
And as you walked,
And we laughed n' talked,

My heart still breaks,
Cuz you're smile makes,
It all worth it,
After all this shit,
I'll still say whatever it takes,
Whatever it takes,

We used to be good,
We used to work,

As my heart remains broken,
Cuz with you're smile you've token,
All that was worth,
God you're nerve,
After I said "whatever it takes,"
You're leaving makes,
My broken heart breaks,

Whatever it takes,
Whatever it takes,
Whether it makes,
Or breaks,
Whatever it takes....

I'll still say "whatever it takes"

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

About you...

I hope someday,
You'll read my words,
You read them all...

I hope one day,
You'll read my quotes,
All off it...

I hope in the future,
You'll read my poems,
Or hear my songs...

And I hope...
One day you'll realise,
They were all written about you,
Because of you, for you...

They where all for you, every single one of my poems. 

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Another love...

No words,
There are no words,
Nothing left,
Their all been used,
On another love,

No jokes,
There are no jokes,
Non left,
All been laughed at,
By another love,

No warmth,
There is no warmth,
Left for you,
I've got burned before, 
By another love,
Another love, 

All I have,
All I was,
It's all been used,
All been abused,
By another love, another love,
Another love, another love...

I'm not much for dancing but for him I did,
No I have no more moves left for you,
Cause I've spend them all on another love...

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dont wake me

Dont wake me,
Dont shake me,
Dont forsake me,
Because my dream is to good,
To good to be treu,
So dont wake me,
When I'm loving you...
Dont call my name,
When I'm not yet done,
With this game,
Dont wake me to be alone,
Just let me live in my inmaginotion,
Rather then frustration,
Dont take my world away,
When morning is all you say...
I will stay snoozing n snuggeling,
To resist against wakeing... 
Not today no not today,
My dream won't be breaking,
I stay under the blankets in this warm,
Unable to harm,
This beautifull bed with magic charm...
I'll stay in bed,
All day in my head.

If this love only exist in my dreams, don't wake me up.

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Berlin new, Berlin old...

It was a cold night,
In Berlin, 
It was a dark night,
Livin in,
West Berlin,

It got concreet grey,
Living the wall kinda way,
Like they never got rid,
Of the scars try to hid,
People walking by fast,
Graffiti Marks' stick n last,

It was a cold night,
In Berlin,
In was a dark night,
Living in,
East Berlin,

Back in the airsummer,
You were more then a number,
But in the cold,
When trees turn bold,
The city get back to its old,
Livin in fault,
Livin in,
The center of Berlin.

New Berlin, Old Berlin, Living in, The center of history and reality.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Concert night

Is concert night,
Party in neon light,

This evening,
Laughing we'll be leaving,
As kids believing,

That late hour,
I'll rinse under the shower,
Singing with all my power,

After this night,
I've restored my pride,
I've gained hight,

After this concert,
Leaving this flirt,
Cleaning up the dirt,

The one thing that remains, 
Is the lessons that drains,
The lyrical music gains,

The memory is history,
You I will never see,
But me, 

Oh myself,
This happy girl that I found,
She's back,
Feet on the ground....

Concert night RED tour Taylor Swift, Berlin feb 2014.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I wish, I wish, I wish

I wish, I wish,
I wish I wish, I wish,
That you were over,
Here and not over there,
Than I could see youre face,
I could give you a kiss,
Give you a hugg,
Then people saw I didnt forgot you,
And that I missed you very much,
After that eight months and a hour,
That you were with us,
That you were with us,
After that hour god gived you his hand,
You gived god yours,
Youre now in heaven,
And I still didnt forgot you because,
I wish, I wish,
I wish, I wish...

A dream is a wish your heart makes.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Youre face

I see you're face everywhere,
Every curly boy, every place,
In every crowd,
You're all I see,
You're all I dream about,

If I might lose the image of you're face,
In these buzy buzy days,
Can I still be saved by prays?
Or is it no longer "in case"...
I lost the fight, the battle,
I'm no longer the one you chase

I see you're face everywhere,
Every curly boy, every place,
In every crowd,
You're all I see,
You're all I dream about,

I loved all the memories,
It's carved in our life threes,
Our hearts used to be burning hot,
But we've got shot,
Were bleeding and freezing,
Our love we must have forgot,

I see you're face everywhere,
Every curly boy, every place,
In every crowd,
You're all I see,
You're all I dream about,

All I wish is to say,
I still think of you every day,
Next time you say "hey,"
I want you to stay,
Stay forever... And never again,
Say never for when,
In that moment then,
You stand here and I there,
You will realize you still care,
And we will love again...

You're all I see,
All I dream about,
You're face,
I don't wanna lose,
The image,
You're pretty face...

Let's fall in love like we used to.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Growing up is a trap

Right before I fall asleep,
As I start to breathe lighter,
And my heartbeat sinchronizes,
Crawling in the blankets, 
A warm body and cold feet,
This thought clings to my mind,

It seems these days,
That in numerous ways,
I cant seem to find,
My innocence,
Got left behind,
What doesn't make any sense,
To me... At all...

Silent and slow,
It took a go,
So no one would now,
And I would keep up the grow,
And then all at once I was grown up,
My life used to be simple and sweet,
And now I'm no longer living,
It's been mistaken in comparisment to a heartbeat,
My life the made,
From a simple heart rate...

Will you please talk any kind of sense into me, for I just don't see... How my reflection in the mirror could be me?!

Caught between woman and girl,
I'd on every star I'd never grown up,
The cold lights in thus anonymous city,
They look at me with pity,
For I never wished on star just a plane or a car passing by...
That I thought was a star...

It's all lies, darling, growing up is a trap.

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Good old times

On this cold freezing night,
My heart was beating,
To keep me alive, breathing,
When I walked into you,
A conversation unrolled,
And old feelings got unraveld,

Suddenly between the sentences,
You asked quietly and polite,
For a dinner invite,
While enjoying grandma's soup,
On my heart you put a coup,
You mess up all my sences,

You and me, us, we,
In between the lines,
And the "you look fine"s,
This love so thin,
Still was a one in...

In youre eyes I read, 
What you didnt said,
And I wish I could forget,

Good old times where the words,
You used to define,
The time that you where mine,
I just have to admit,
Youre like a bullet hit,
And this smile of you took me away again,
Back to when,
We shared the good old days...

Let's go back to when we still had a click,
Back to the good old days.

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All the things I've never said...

All the things I've never said,
They dance around in my head,
I can never forget,
What I didn't said...

All the words I never spoke,
On them I choke,
My heart broke,
On all the words I never spoke,

I used to be a fan,
Back in the days when,
I left unsaid unspoken,
You're arms where wide shut,
Instead of unopen,
But I don't have the gut...

And now...
All the Things I've never said,
They dance around in my head,
I can never forget,
What I wish I'd said...

Your story is not finished.
There are thousands of pages to fill,
and you aare the author of your own story.

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Thats how...our story gets told now

He asked me what to drink,
And without giving it any think,
I said sure do me... An ice tea.
Thats how it all started...

I told him I was frightend,
I'd be just a regular friend,
He said do it, or stay forever little kid,
Thats when the flashbacks started...

Afther all these months passed by, 
In just the blink of an eye,
I said I'm sorry, were never gonna make a good story,
Thats when my retrieve started...
Thats how the two of us,

I don't trust you, and that's a must you know.

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