Friday, February 28, 2014

the story of us

I remember it all well,
The first time you're eyes met mine,
Because it stopped time,
It felt like a infinite fraction,

I remember it all well,
The way you walked,
You're dad's perfume smell,
the dust on you're coat,
Me gazing like a goat..

I remember it all well,
And even in my denzel in distress,
You could still tell,
that together we could be unrefined,
You made my heart blind...

I remember it all well,
I was under you're spell,
And you were under mine,
Drawing the same heart shaped line,
Keep spinning back in time,
You fit me like poems fit rhyme,
And you feel better than my favorite sweater,

I remember it all well,
Anyone could tell,
That this was true and real,
This lovin feel,
I still drool like a fool,
Whenever you come close,
And you get that red glancing nose,

I remember it all well,
The story of us,
One of the golden age,
The moest beautiful page,
One with a wage,
One to sing about at a stage,
The only one of all,
That I would still finish for with a fall.

Is it killing you like it's killing me? The story of us. Taylor Swift.

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