Monday, March 31, 2014

Note before

I held you hand,
I said you can,
I hold you heart,
I dried you're tears,
And still I'd do anything for you,
Even after all,
Even after breaking my heart,
I still love you,
But babe before you come back,
Remember this,
That you cant fix yourself,
By breaking my heart,
Note to you,
For that's what you did last time...
Please note,
Before you come back.

go after dreams, not people.

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I need to make a change,
A move no one expects,
A sudden chance,
I take with both hands,
Faith come and same me,
From this place,
Where it's warm and save,
But nothing ever happens,
And tell me,
Could it be such a sin,
Could it be so wrong,
To want something more then this?
To want to see the world,
I'm that girl with wanderlust,
I want to feel myself as the 93% stardust,
Oh won't you come wind,
And save me from myself,
Take me away,
Oh take me away,
I can hear you calling,
From far far away,
Take me with you,
Oh hobo wind...

The worst days give you a lesson.

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Perfect have we loved

Long long days,
When my nights,
Used to be about you,
Those nights,
With all our friends,
Laughing and rolling their eyes,
Because of us,
The two of us,

Long long hours,
That I used spend with you,
Things we used to do,
Those chores,
That I hate to do,
They actually weren't that bad,
With you...

Long long parties,
With my family,
No you're not here,
To make my smile appear,
Oh baby,
All the stupid this we used to do...

Long long time grounded,
When I was with you,
The time we came home in the morning light,
The night we fell asleep with the tv on,
The summer day we had to walk home,
Or that one time we re-played the notebook...

Long long tears,
When I hear +Taylor Swift's 'perfect have I loved',
For we used to sing it,
We used to know already,
That perfect have we loved,
So there we go,
If you love me then I love you,
I'd like to keep you till I'm old...

Perfect have we loved, you mean the world to me...

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still be dreaming

In my dreams,
Oh if it was up to me,
And my dreams,
We would never walk away,
Accept for when we're on the Chinese wall,
To make some of those fun picutres,
We would never forget,
Because we would be together to remember,
We would stay together,
Because it was the best,
And the only one we wanted to know,
We would only fight,
To make the two of us laugh,
When strangers walk by.
We would stay...
We would stay...
If it was up to me and my dreams,
We would still be dreaming...

Dream with me, wake up next to me and hold me close.

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How dare you...

How dare you,
To take off with my trust,
To leave me there,
For some girl,
A must,
A desire of lust...

How dare you,
Ta talk to me like that,
To act this way,
asking about posts,
I put on internet,
Won't you forget...

How dare you,
To take off with all I ever was,
To leave me there,
With this burden to bare,
To know that you broke a perfectly good heart,
To know that you left a mark,
That will never fade,
And my next lover will be the one to find,
That I can never leave this behind...

How dare you?!
Was it that easy...
To leave me there,
Just to tell me things like,
And make promisses,
And just walk away,
Like it ment nothing,
Like we were nothing,
Like I,
Like I was nothing...

I wanted to text you, wrote this instead.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

The kind of lost that feels like being found

Then and there,
On that may 14th I think,
At milky twilight, 
Underneath the cabets roof,
Just a second,
A glince of ethernety,
I saw it in you're eyes,
And I got lost,
The kind of lost that feels like...
Comming home,
The kind of lost that feels like...
Being found,
Like I could finally breathe,
I stood there foolishly madly falling,
And you smiled because you knew,
The way I was looking at you,
Was exactly the same as your look,
And for this moment,
Then and there,
We had our own little infinity,
Holding hands,
Taking the first chance,
For an ever lasting slow dance,
To make those notes,
Playing our song...
To make 'us' an 'us' and,
To make 'what if's' and 'maybe's',
And every now and then,
I let myself go back to that moment when,
We had our little infinity,
For we stand still in my dreams,
And we just stay there for ever,
Look at each other,
Falling in love over and over again,
For the first and the last time,
Every single time again,
In our song,
Our place,
Our infinity...
Looking right in the eye,
I get lost every night,
But I find myself in this moment,
Just before daylight,
Every single night...

Just before daylight, every single night,
my bed reminds me, we are the best couple ever.

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I always thought, I was wise,
That I knew all there was to know,
But you came along,
With just one touch you changed everything,
I learned to live heart-smart,
I learned you're family's warmth and ease,
And how you talk with passion,
And then and there,
Just in a split second,
I learned what treu love is,
Or was better to say,
For I've learned you're cousins names,
But I'm forgetting them,
I learned you're baby pictures dates,
But I'm forgetting them,
Won't you learn me now,
What it is to get a second chance?
I always thought, I was wise,
That I had all I could wish for,
Till I lost you...

let's go back to summer, give me a second chance.

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Change like the weather

Not so long ago you told me,
That you would never leave,
But you know,
People change like the weather,
Suddenly and all at once,
All reality and,
All I thought I see,
Changed from sunny bleu,
To grey raining avenue...

Not so long ago you told me,
It was just like before you and me,
But do you know,
It doesn't feel like you feel it,
Tell me that it isn't like is was before,
That you don't want me,
That it's over,
That you don't need me,
And I'll let you go,
I'll find someone else to paint my sky...

Not so long ago you told me,
That you'd be there for me,
But where are you tonight?
You could hold me,
Be my shoulder and make,
Everything allright,
But you're not here,
Nor at  my door,
I guess not just people,
But also life's change like the weather...

I'll let you go...

I'll take the road less traveled by, let you go,
life change life the weather.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hearts habit

Cirkels, patterns, over-analysing everything,
Oh in all that I do,
I see you,
In all that I look,
There's something you took,
A chess game,
With a picture frame,
Youre the habit of my heart,
My end and my start, 
My spinning round,
My nothing and my all,
My rise and my fall,
Cirkels, patterns, over-analysing,
One thing,
We just createurs of habit,
And you the habit of my heart,
So if I could make you're hearts habit mine,
Wouldn't that be the perfect crime,
Would it be the best new habit for me and you,
If we would let our hearts say,
"I love you too"
As habit for you, I do.

you're my heart's habit, my all.

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Wisperd John green quotes

He wisperd in my ear John green quotes,
As we stood in summer shimmering evening,
As the wine floades,
I laughed as loud as laughter can be,
My white teath for all to see,
Oh how I love him,
All he is, and he's my all,
When calls me with his lyrical tongue,
I can almost hear our love song,
You me things he says in his book,
"She's the kind of girl who searched for things that wouldn't be found, her heart is a secret garden with walls so high that no one dared to climb it, she was the kind of girl that loved mysteries so much that she became one..." 
And then he said,
"But I found her when she thought she was lost, and I didn't climb but I stayed waiting in front of the wall I watched over how it got wrecked stone by stone, and I will wait till I've puzzeled you, till the mistery is at a mysterios acceptable level..." 
And I finally said to him,
"I love you"

And for the first time in a life time,
There was a happy ending,
For two as one...

he whispered john green quotes in my ear.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Love stories

Youre life is a story,
And you have all these chapters,
And I'm a few pages of one of those,
Yet for me you're more like the whole book,
Including all the pictures, 
And if I'm only a little piece of your story,
I dont care... As long as you smile,
When you just randomly open the book,
When you're fingertip lands on one of our pages...
I hope you smile...
I hope you smile...

we were the best pair ever.

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Oh twenty tree and still growing up now,
Don't you think you should've known by now?
Don't you think you should've learned by now?
But don't worry you're sweet face, you precious mind,
I'll be the one to tell you,
You're looking for things that you will never find,
Now that you've lost you're ballance,
Don't you know that I can catch you,
I'll take you're hand,
I'll carry you through the night till you understand,
That the more that we look around,
The more you see,
All you ever wanted was me,
And all I really need is you,
And why would I give up you,
The one I need so bad,
For something for just a night,
Oh it would be so mad...
Now won't you take me by the hand,
I'm unstable, and unrelateable,
And I want you to understand,
That even if it can't,
And even if we don't have timing,
I still need you,
And I still want you,
And you do to,
I know,
I do,
I do,
I do...

Lost you're balance, lost you're mind trying to get it back

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Please try to stay this simple...

No one's ever hurt you,
Nothing ever left you burned,
No hard life lessons learned,
No one ever deserted you,
And I prayed that you could stay this simple,
That you could alway be a little little,
And you could stay a childish laughing man,
For you never really ever had to grow up,
But it isn't that easy,
I can't let you not live just so nobody hurts you,
I can't keep you away from sparks and fire,
I can't let keep you locked inside my save arm,
I can't promise that you will never get scarred...
But I will pray asking if you might stay this simple,
That you'll always be a little little,
That you could stay this bit childish man,
The one who always makes me laugh,
And fears nothing because he has nothing to be afraid of,
Please just please try to never grow up,
Try to stay this little, this easy, this innocent...

Please stay this simple...

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It's you...

He's perfect,
He's sweet,
He's 5 cm taller then me,
He's all he needs to be,
He's two years older,
He has a handsome smile,
He opens my door,
He tell me I'm beautiful,
He's close to my brother,
There just one this to bother...
That it isn't the way I loved you...
I don't love you,
Like you do,
I don't love you,
Like him...
And you're wonderful,
And you're a miracle,
You're incredible,
And you drive me insane,
And you've got me screaming,
And cursing and calling at 2 a.m.,
And I hate you half of the time,
But the other half,
The half that loves you,
Misses you more every day,
And half of my heart won't settle,
Till it's you,
It's you, It's you, It's you,
It's always you...
He might make me laugh,
Or make me smile for a while,
But deep down I'm wishing he was you,
The entire time..
It's you...

you have always been that one epic love of mine

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A ring...

A ring,
It actually doesn't mean anything...
You can be married,
But do you feel marry?
Tell me,
I know doll face,
He doesn't treat you right,
He doesn't hold you at night,
He's never there,
So won't you come away with me?

A paper,
It really doesn't state anything...
It's no guarantee for a happy life,
Or a good ending to the story,
It only says that there is a story,
But you can divorce,
And make you're own life,
You're own thing without being,
"The wife..."

An old picture,
Of you and him,
White dress & black tie,
It's faded,
It's been put down,
Stuffed away behind other photo's,
Just admit,
You should be with me,
Even after all those years,
We could be together,
We should be,
Won't you my darling... leave him,
I pulled out a ring and said...
Won't you be mine...?

A ring, I pulled out a ring and said, won't you be mine?

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Share a tear

There not picture perfect,
They are more like movie motion,
They'll flash and flash before my eyes,
And then every now and then,
When I think of you,
Everything we used to do,
A memories escapes my eye,
And a tear rolles out,
That the reason that the water flood,
The shedding of a tear,
Always shimers when it meets light,
It because of the memorie playing inside of the tear,
It because youre afraid of losing it and put in all you have,
In return for sharing you're weight gets liftend, 
A tear is very small, 
But oh how a memorie wheighs,
Just let it go my dear,
Every once in while,
Think of me,
Share a tear...

It where all lies, lies lies.

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Dont worry, I'm not mad at you,
I'm only mad at me,

I'mad at myself for still loving you,
And for always caring for you like I do,
For saying sorry when I didn't do anything wrong,
For being you're should've to cry even though you're never mine,
For always saying oh no don't worry its fine,
For thinking of you even when I know you no longer do,

I mad for not hating you,
When clearly were trough...
I can assure you,
There is only one to blame,
On me lays the shame...

Dont worry, I'm not mad at you, 
I'm only mad at myself...

the night I lost control...

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If I told you...

Will you come,
If I told you,
Will you stay,
If you heard,
Will you understand,
If I told you,
I wonder,
What it would be like,
If I would tell you...
That I'm not mad,
I'm just broken,
I'm hurt,
I was dissapointed,
That's a difference,
Now what would it be like,
If I told you,
That we could try again,
If I told you...

Would you be serious when I'd ask? I wish you were a nutella jar.


I''m sorry for what I'm about to say,
But I never loved you,
Not even a little,
It was just a game a play,
That was all we shared,
I kissed with you for a bat,
And I've won,
And you lost yourself in it,
And I'm so sorry for it,
But I don't feel the same,
I never did,
And please stop calling,
For I'm pretty sure,
It will never ever come to me,
So stop bothering my tired mind,
For I think it is a waste of efford...
I'm sorry for you...

Can't help youself

Out here underneath the starlight,
In the dark and the cold,
Don't you know that midnight,
Ís darker when you're all alone...

In here underneath my blankets,
You could lay warm and safe,
If you and I could just be brave,
Because it's better when we're both here,

And I know that you know just as much,
As I do... And I know,
So shouldn't you know by know?
Shouldnt we learned somehow?
That there's no escaping love,
You can't help you'reself,
And you can't stop youreself,
Loving the on you love,
Dreaming who you're dreaming off....

So won't you come and shine my star,
Because it's almost midnight,
And it's darker when we lay alone...

A reason to hope

And I said,
All I need is a reason to hope,
I don't care how little,
I don't care what it is,
As long as it is a reason to hope,
A reason to stay here,
A reason to believe,
A reason not to let go,
A reason is all I need,
But if you son't see any,
Just let me,
Open up you're eyes,
And pick you up,
We'll stumble on,
Untill we stumble upon,
A reason to hope,
A reason to hope is all we need,
Just one.

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Took me

It took me quite some time,
But this day feels like mine,
I guess I grew slowly,
It took me quite some thinking,
But now I feel this sinking,
I guess I grew slowly,
It will take me even more time,
But lucky more of that is mine,
I guess I just grow up slowly...

Green eyes monster

Green eyed monster,
That is what what you are,
When youre standing there,
Looking from behind pale eyes,
Watching my every move,
Reading the words my lips speak,
Counting how many times I smile at him,
And trying to see if he and I touch,
Trying to sabotage my fling,
Youre the mean thing,
I hate the way you act,
When youre jealous, 
It makes me grow,
Oh oh you think you can see clear,
And that you know everything,
But tell me babe,
If you know it all,
Then how can you not see,
You the one that I want,
My eyes only spark at him,
Because I know,
Youll be standing there in the corner,
Watching over me,
Still lovin me...

Burden to bare

You said to me once,
That you wished you could help me,
Take some of my heavy wheighting burden away,
And carry it yourself,
So we would be leveld in life expirience, 
We would think in the same direction,
We would understand each other,
Cause al you ever wanted was to look inside my mind,
To look why I'm so crually kind,
But what did you aspect to find?
I cant leave my broken beautiful soul behind,
It's all I am, 
Every piece of me has made,
And you should trust me and stop,
Stop this scavage hunt to look inside my head,
For it would only make you tear,
Listen to me my dear,
There's so much of me hidden and secret that you dont know,
Its for the better,
If we would split this damage to dragg,
You would be unable to move anymore,
You cant handel that,
So just let me be me and leave me be,
Maybe someday you will see,
The centered soul of me,

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Too quite

I walked to the door with you, 
Towards the spring breeze,
Our hands touched,
Our eyes met,
But still it was much too quite,
Have you ever heard a silence this loud?
Unspoken words echo like a shout...
Oh this game were playing,
Dont know wheter to go or stay,
Both last to leave,
You look at me like youre about to speak,
Mouth open but not one single word leaks,
Is this chess, is this the peak?!
Oh won't you let me win or just let me go,
I have to know,
Plain simple yes or no...

One thing

You're the one thing,
The one thing I got right,
The one thing I hold thight,
The one thing I dream off at night...
Youre the one thing,
The one thing I want,
The one thing I heart,
The one thing,
The one thing thats all at once,
All in one...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Counting my steps

Carefully counting my steps,
Making sure I won't make a move I regret,
That I don't do anything unthought,
A sudden move might scare you off,
Back into you're defensive mode,
You shutting me out,
And hiding behind that huge wall...
So I'll stay carefully,
I'm remain thoughtful,
I'll make sure all is been at ease,
But what will you do for me?
You don't give me confidence,
Or let along any chance,
You fail to make me smile,
I was only happy for a little while,
I just sit on you're bed,
And wait in the cold,
All for you're heart of gold,
But it has gotten to my ears,
One of my biggest fears,
That you're heart will no longer be mine,
Even when I behaved so fine,
All this time,
I waited, listend and gave all of me,
Now I'm asking myself,
Will you ever see,
All this love of me,
Will you ever see,
Or will I stay just invisible...

I'll put on my brave shoes and hope you'll notice the swing in my step.

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Changed my mind for sure

We made a bet lats night,
And it really didn't matter who was right,
As long as the string stayed tight,
But I changed my mind.
We had a fun evening,
And we were believing,
But maybe my laughter was a lie,
For I changed my mind.
I know we said this time we would date,
But I can't save you a date,
And if you show I'll lock my gate,
Just so you can't find the door,
Just so you can't beg for more,
Just so I've changed my mind for sure.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Love doesnt hurt

She said to me my mom,
Love hurts honey, but its worth it because of the beauty youve experienced in advace of the pain...
I used to believe everything she said,
But no more, this isn't treu...
Love doesnt hurt, not at all,
The pain you feel, the hurt,
Its because youve gotten deserted,
The loneliness the lonely part,
That the one that breaks youre heart,
The feeling that makes you scarred...
Love doesnt hurt,
Loneliness does...

Do you ever feel lonely in a crowd? dance like no one's watching.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

I love you, Idiot

I'll say it once,
Just once,
As you go,
So you'll always know,
It might be too late,
But they say,
Beter late then never right?
You'd asked me on a date this one time,
What is it you're hiding away?
Darling speak up,
Please say,
Now... There we go,

"I'm a warrior, Always was, Always will be...
I'll never speak till it's to late, I hate to admit I´m wrong, I´m stubborn, I really do still have that sweater you think is hideous for I really do like it, And I ment it when I said that I hate it when you wear that denim/jeans/like/pullover-thingy together with jeans, and that peach colored pants of yours I wish I could burn it, And I laugh about you all the time, You make me smile in a way that nobody else does, You make me do silly and stupid things and I don´t even know why...But everything is fun as long as you´re involved, You make me insecure and secure at the same time, All my daydreams are about you, Ever since you walked into my life I haven´t gotten no nightmares anymore, I wear color now, Even that yellow shirt, I don´t need heels anymore to feel attractive or hot, You'll stay my favorite distraction, And yes I really really do want to watch ever single disney movie with you, If you're ying, I will be yang, Or the other way around as long as we keep this perfect fit, I also drink that sweet strawberry morning childish drink yoghurt like you when you drive while clubbing now, 
And I love you, you Idiot! 
I love you,
Always have,
Always will!

There you are...
I said it once,
Better hold on to it,
Keep it somewhere save,
Cause this is all you gonna get,
For a decade...

I love you, Idiot....

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She addicted to song lyrics

I'm addicted,
To the beat,
The drums,
The sound,
His voice,
Calling out for me,
This guitar here,
It spells out all,
It takes away fear,
I see everything clear,
High on the lyrics,
I start to feel,
My heart it is,
alive, beating again,
Last time was when...
I can't even remember then...
And the flood comes rushing in,
All I wanna do is sing, sing, sing,
Let the hate out and the music in,
Will you love me,
Even if you heard me listening,
To the saddest of sad,
To maria mena's suicide music?
Would you still love me,
When I listen to the fairytale,
Taylor swift music?
Would you love me,
For you are you're favorite songs,
And we share,
The red hot chilli peppers,
So I understand if you don't understand,
It's just that..
And then he whispered in my ear,
She's addicted to the song lyrics that,
Spell out her heart and soul,
And the way her lips move,
When she sings shy and soft,
It makes me fall in love even harder. ..

Drunk on love

They said to me,
Like poison on my skin,
Like a charade on my fire,
That you only told me,
Because the alcohol was running through you're vains,
Because you where drunk, wasted...

But You're friends instead of mine,
The stand on the other side,
Saying exactly the same things,
But then I'm the drunk girl,

And the truth is,
As we the two of us both now,
That non of us had to much to drink,
Nothing at all,
We didn't even had one drink,
Just the love,
When I'm with you I act wasted,
Because I'm drunk on love...

What would it be like,
If I could just tell you,
These simple words,
I'm drunk on you're love...
If I told you all of the above?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

We were happy

We used to watch crime scène togheter back when we had our nights,
When the curtains where closed and the blackets warm,
When the world was fallen asleep,
And we were happy,
Before we had places to be,
When we were happy,
It was a habit of yours to make me smile every day,
When we were Talking over our days and little stuff,
When we were eating and playing with choco puff,
When the world stop turning,
And we were happy,
Wasnt it good baby,
It was good babe,
How I hate these voices telling me were not in love anymore,
And you don't give me no choice or choices and thats what these tears are for,
Cause we were happy... 
Oh oh, we were happy.

We where happy. 

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


She's the wife and im the muse,
She's the girl and im the friend,
She's the giggle and im the laugh,
She's the lips and im the taste,
She's the colliflower and im the bean,
She's the one always seen,
Im only a photo in a walled,
Yet she's the past,
She get the ring with the star,
And I an eyelash,
She get the roses,
And I the dandlions,
And oh how I wish on every eyelash and dandlion I get that you'll one day be mine,
One day takes too much time,
Won't you cut the strings and brakenthe bridges or just make you mine?
Dont be scared to dissapoint me,
I wouldn't choose me eather,
And you know what,
Me, myself and time, we will always be fine, we might not be okay but always fine.

Miss them more

I was thinking, thinking hard,
About when it is,
When is love over?
The love between two people,
At witch point?
Then I figured maybe, I think maybe,
It is when you more in love and infatuated... With the memories,
More then with the person you're supposed to love,
You miss the memories more then him,
Miss them more...
There you go, 
Closed door...

Self-furfilling prophecy

Self-furfilling prophecy,
Youre the only loyaly,
Every part of me,
In this world,
Filled with leaving lovers,
Worried mothers,
Depressive daughters,
I'm sure I will never love again,
Never love again...
I'll swear to you I'll never trust again...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

You feel it

I used to believe that you would know when someone is the one, but thats nit treu, you dont know... You feel it, in every single part of youre body, you feel it.
You'be wiped my slate clean,
Lightend my darkness,
Pickes me up afther I fell,
Brushed the dirt from my soul,
And gleued the pieces of my heart,
And in all I felt, I didn't knew because of words you said, 
I felt it because youre actions spoke loud and clear to me,
Youre the only one, who always waits till I want to go home, who always eats breakfast at midnight with me, who Lets me dance with two left feet, who laughs at my jokes even though their awfull, who kisses my forehead, who makes me perfectly happy without doing anything.
Youre the only one, my everything, my reason.

Piece of art in my heart

My painting,
It says that creativity,
Sets free,
You just have to let go,
Let it be,
Put it on a brush,
And move youre feelings,
Emotional ballad on the wall,
Paint drips up ten feet tall,
Oh how we all want to fall,
In every way,
From the sky,
From a tree,
From the bed,
But the best way to fall,
Is to fall in love with you,
How am I going to paint that?
How could a brush ever be compared,
To youre magic hands?
Oh how I could I ever made you up,
This good,
Babe youre beautiful,
For all you are,
Youre like art,
A piece of art I hold in my heart.

let you love you

He said "You're heartless..."
"You're cold"...
But didn't he knew,
That al that are heartless,
Once cared to much,
There heartless not because they don't care,
But because their heart got ripped out,
ripped out by someone they loved more then their selfs,
So they wont ask it back,
They have to find someone who's willing,
Willing to share their heart with them,
So maybe he was the cold one,
For not loving me enough to see,
That I never asked him to love me,
I only tried to make him love himself,
For you can't love someone else,
If you don't love yourself,
All I ever wanted was for him to love himself,
I can't make him love me if he doesn't,
But I can give his heart a spark,
To light his life, For only one,

if I'll stay in you're past

If you'll stay in my past,
Then I'll let you love someone else,
I'll fear you like a ghost,
I'll make sure that we stay strangers that only share memories,
I'll swear to you, to never love you again...

If I'll stay in you're past,
Then you'll have to leave me,
Then you'll no longer get the chance to decieve,
Then you'll better go to the grave and grief,
You'll have to swear to trow it all out...

If I'll stay in you're past,
You'll have to be okay with the fact,
That I will love again, just not you,
That I will date again, just not you,
That I will forget again, but only you,
Not him, he will be my future,
He won't ask me to stay in the past,
So tell me now,
Is the past is what you want?

Go ahead walk ahead,
But don't look back,
For he will love,
What you never loved.

Monday, March 17, 2014


Flying by,
So gentel,
So gracefull,
Wish I could be,
A dragonfly...

Shimmering by,
So shiny,
So beautiful,
Wish I could be,
A firefly,

I could try,
To be a firefly or a dragonfly,
But I'd always were a butterfly,
I don't know why,
But I'm a butterfly.

Tick tack on the clock

Is precious,
And all the wisdom,
We have about time and history,
Isn't a mystery,
It is timeless,
And did you know,
That time,
Is not only a thing,
It's also a state,
Something been given and taken,
A teacher,
And in time you'll learn,
That there isn't time,
Just time.

Tick tack on the clock and there I turned 19...

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Need you now

You need me,
You need me,
You need me,
And I'm always there,
Time and again,
I was there even when,
There was no one else,
When crying was all you did,
When secrets where what you hid,
I stood by you're side,
I hold you hand,
I dried you're tears,
I fighted against you're fears,
stabbed the dragon,
pulled the rope of you're wagon,
And now I need you,
I need you,
I need you,
And you're nowhere near,
To save even a single tear,
You're not here,
Now that I need you, 

You said you'd always be there, where are you now..?

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Message by heart

Dear heart of yours,
I just wanted to let you know that...

My heart,
It used to be like glass,
Fragile and see trough,
But it got broken,
By the blows of life.

My heart,
You put it back together,
You fixed it, put the pieces in place,
Like a puzzle,
Slowly making the right moves,
To make it whole again.

My heart,
It's made of gold,
It was perfectly good,
Till you walked out of my life,
A stab in the heart with a knife,
I bleed tears of love.

My heart,
It doesn't knows what to do,
It remembers all of you, 
Somewhere it knows you'll be back,
But my heart is getting darker,
Alone almost black.

My heart,
It is my heart,
And I am going to take,
My innocent heart and turn it inside out,
There too much of you,
No more room left for anything else,
But from now on my heart works my plans, 
Inside out.

And no longer yours truly,
My heart.

Without love and kisses, sincerely and no longer
yours truly, My heart.

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I told you,
Don't make promises you can't keep,
Than I'd rather have you say nothing at all,
And you just stopped talking,
How could you stop talking,
Not even a single word,
You don't even try to open you're mouth,
You stopped...
I never would've said it,
If I thought that it would be like this,
It was all a joke,
A lie,
A laugh,
You had nothing left to say,
No words,
And now I'm left,

Do you love me or what? And you got nothing,
So I'm left... Kind of speechless...

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I've been imagining our story as a song or as a movie,
But it never comes out as good as written and drought on paper,
Oh how I would love to show you,
This creative artistic part of me,
But you will never see,
The girl I am,
You never see me exactly as I am,
Cause that's not the kind of girl you want me to be,
You have this vision of what you want,
What you need in a girl,
And you pretended that I had it all,
Only because you where infatuated with me,
But you know,
Flings don't hold on,
The never last,
They break,
And know I'm left,
To forget,

You ask me to forget who I was once...
But that's not something human,
We are drawn to remember and reminisce. 

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Broken hearted dreams

You stood there again,
In the corner of my bedroom,
Last night,
The night before,
And the night before that evening,
You're always there,
Watching over me,
Or so it seems,
When I open the curtains,
As the sunlight comes shimmering in,
You've always disappeared,
So I guess it's all just a dream,
A dream of the broken hearted,
Eyes closed love,
Wide awake parted...

If only this could be true outside of my dreams...

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Barefoot cinderella

I dont want to where heels,
I dont want to wear boots,
I dont want to wear flats,
I dont want to wear flip flops,
Not even vans or all stars,
I only wanne be you're barefoot cinderella,
I'd like you to lift me up and carry me trough the door again,
I'd wanne be swinging around in refigerator light,
I wanne be lead up the staircase like in movies,
I want to be a barefoot cinderella,
But only yours.

No I like barefoot... so?

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sleepy voice

His laugh,
It's one of the best sounds in the world,
But it isn't the best,
It gets even better,
When he mumbles in his sleep,
He just keeps mumbling,
"No I said I loved you first",
And oh how I love him for that,
I stay awake at night,
Just to hear him say this,
For the most lovely words,
Anyone ever said,
I love you,
More then you'll ever know,
More then you mumble..

I Love You. 

Clinomania, we heart it. Yes. We. Do. 

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Sad beauty

You know like when you're sad,
The saddest of sadness there is,
And you're just there on the floor,
Staring blank ahead,
Not moving, not thinking, not speaking,
You would say that thats stupid,
But I think it might be extreme useful,
I think that at that point,
You're subconscious might be...
Telling you what to do,
Without you noticing it,
And thats the beauty in sad and broken people,
Their so pure they don't even see it,
The beauty of pain...

Sad, but speaks to the heart anyways...

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Did you ever wander,
Just down the street,
Feeling nothing but you're feet,
Just let them lead,
They call me the wanderer,
For I never do things by mind,
I wander off till the answer I find,
I wander to forget,
I wander when I get,
I wander, I wander, I wander,
Even about wandering,
I recommend it to you,
Wandering is what youre aught to do...

Not all those who wander are lost.

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3 years...

There is this study,
We had to read it for school,
And the conclusion was,
That we all wait on average, 
3 enthire years of our whole life,
Waiting on the train,
In line, on that text, for the dishwasser,
For a receit, for youre dad to pick you up...
Can you inmagine that this means,
You are waiting somewhere bored,
3 christmasses, 3 NYE, 3 summer holidays, 3 birthdays, and so on,
Now I really understand why they always say don't wait,
There is plenty time to wait,
Or as a matter in fact you will wait plenty of time in you're life,
So make sure every other second counts,
Make sure!

Life is short, don't forgot to live it....

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One more night

If I had one more night with you,
I've thought about that,
A lot,
what would I do?
Would I kiss you till morning dawn,
Or rather share secrets under the blankets,
Wrap myself around you and just listen to you're sleep,
Maybe we talk over everything we been trough till we both wheep,
But I think,
I really think,
I would say that one night,
All I wished I said last week,
... I saw you're favorite cartoon and laughed my ass of,
... I saw you're mom in the grocery store, and she was so sweet,
... I walked by the spot were we had our fist date,
... Oh my my and the spot were we had this stupid should or shouldn't we kiss thing,
... I met one of our old friends from back then, and we laughed about when,
... I reminisce all the time, remember the tied shoe line?!
....I went to see drift the movie with my little brother last week, better then you said it would be,
... I really did listen to you when I said I didn't cause I went writing this,
... I passed my course you know!
... Have you ever tried Jack Daniels and fristi?
... Did you find back the key from you're bike?
... How did you're football match sunday become so sloppy? Is everything okay?
And then once we've talked all night I would just watch,
Watch you,
Watch you watching me,
And laugh,
For it would be a wonderful moment.

If we had one last night in unchanged light... I might say it all.

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Friday, March 14, 2014


The sun,
She is shining again,
The leaves turn green,
I put on my shorts n' shades,
We had it all plannend,
This wednesday,
We were suppossed to date,
But you never showed,
We did't saw eachother,
You went to meet another,
I sat there alone,
Outside looking for you,
I didn't text you why,
For then you're going to say goodbye,
And we all know there is no good,
No good in goobye,
The sun in going under,
And so am I...

The butterflies died.

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Page 6417 <><>

If life is a book,
A story to write,
Every day a brand new page,
To write,
Then you and I,
We would meet on page 6052,
You remember? 
Trying to persuate me to kiss you,
It was the first time a girl said no to you,
We left it there,
But we met again,
On page 6352 when,
We were both open to meet,
Someone that takes up the pen,
Weve celebrated my 6417th page together,
But sadly it seemed that on page 6460 we ended the chapter,
Yet then again here we are at page 6665 of mine and page 8165 of yours,
Our word choises still combine,
We still write in the same line,
Youre name comes up on every page,
In yours my voice still echo's,
Maybe that's the reality of love,
That you'll always stay in the others story,
No matter what you'll stay in the part.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Is it working?

I told you not to get close, but you did
I told you not to fall in love with me, but you did,
I told you not to need me, but you did,
I told you dont come back, but you did,
I told you dont doubt, but you did,
I told you dont touch my soul with dirty hands, but you did,
Time and again,
And now I loved you even when,
You never listen to me,
So maybe I should say, 
"Dont stay with me for the rest of you're life, dont start to ask me on a date, dont ask me to be youre girlfriend, dont give me chocolate when im on my period, dont celebrate my birthday with me, dont make me laugh, dont go in holidays with me, dont ever ask me to marry you and no matter what you do dont be happy growing old with me"
So that you will stay forever this time,
So that you do exactly the opposite and make me the happiest girl on earth! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


In this little old corny cafe,
Almost an cave of ancient lovers memories,
I saw his silhouette trough the curtains,
His firm body and his chaotic curls,
He was working on some kind of chore,
And I just stood there watching,
Enjoying that he was my view,
I laughed out loud out of happiness,
and out of joy,
It was as if I've lived my entire life,
Just all for the laughter and joy of that moment,
A little small moment,
And I guess it was kinda silly or weird,
For you asked in a strangely sounding voice,
Are you laughing at me?
You were already offend,
Yet when I told I wasn't laughing at you,
But because of you, just you,
And all these things you do,
It what you do to me,
You make me smile, laugh, you make me sing again,
You make me whole,
That you started to laugh too,
Us two there on the front porch laughing out loud,
When their was only us to laugh about,
That's one of the golden memories,
Ingrained in my heart and soul,
I wear it like a tattoo,
Yes, Like a tattoo, I do, I do, I do...

Not so different

You looked me in the eye, 
And still you darded to say,
That were not that different,
Now boy better sit down,
For you won't stand tall,
When ive said my say,

Not so different,
Yet I would do everything for love,
And you barely anything,

Not so different,
Yet Im always honest,
And you lie while laughing,

Not so different, 
Yet In this thugh-life but still naïeve and good 'n god kinda girl,
And you never got around to anything other then you,

Not so different,
Yet I kept my promis and loved you loyal like a soldier till the end,
And you quited before you tried,

Now afther all show me the nerve,
Come on dare to say it again,
Look me in the eye,
Tell me,

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Love is

Me, myself, I always thought,
That I was unable to love with my whole heart, soul and body,
But that last sunday and thursday I prooved myself wrong,
I can love with my everything,
More than you will ever know,
Cause love isn't shouting that I love you for the world to hear,
Love is holding youre hear back when you're drunk and sick,
Love is writing you a goodmorning note and make sure there is a spare key,
Love is making time free for you,
Love is smiling when his eyes meet yours,
Love is dancing your feet instead of floors,
Love is share my appetizer when I know you won't,
Love is choosing what you want even tough it's my time,
Love is walking you home to make sure you're fine,
Love is listening even when you speak goofy,
Love is picking you up once you've fallen,
Love is knowing the beat of you're heart by mind,
Love is knowing what you think without you speaking,
Love is saving the last egg for you,
Love isn't anything more or less,
Then two,
Love is me and you.

Love is me and you, I heart u.

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Circle of us

No more
I screamed
Over-analysing everything
This loop
Its more or less
Like a cirkel
It won't break
It won't end
This pattern
Goes on
Again and again
Its making me dizzy
I want to get off
But were animals of habit
And my heart 
Is habitated by you
So what am I supposed to do
When I dont want to 
But yet I do
I am this hypocritical sarcastic lover
And youre the subborn egocentrical one
We better get gone
Go on, on, on
Find someone else
But still no one drives me crazy
Like you
Tell me know 
That its the same for you
We have issues
But oh my 
Issues means fighting
And fighting means making up
And there we are
The circle of us
Won't break 
The string is too strong tied

Goodbye's are not forever, this circle of us is too clever.

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Festival fever

This festival fever,
It always get me,
It hits me hard, 
When the sunshine start,
The hats and sunglasses come out,
Shaved legs and tan lines,
Love flings when kissing soft 'n quick,
The memories stick,
The pictures on my wall,
Of standing ten feet tall,
In the neon lights when I start to dance,
There is no need of making plans,
No thinking of tomorrow,
No sadness or sorrow,
Just music and me as magical as can be,
Tangled up together in the beat,
As I own the lead,
Starting with my feet,
Going up, up, up,
My soul in the sky,
So high, high, high,
Higher then the Eiffel tower,
Drums give me power,
Set me free, let me be,
And in that moment I'm infinite,
Against time I win it,
For a second I'm infinite,
When two worlds collide,
The earth stops spinning,
And I'm forever young,
In this festival fun,
Forever young.

I'll stay forever young within this festival fun.
-- at mumbai color fest 

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Lately I've been thinking,
About the concept of beauty,
This word so easy used,
Is actually so much more then,
"You look nice",
I think of beauty as this sort of,
Inner place in the centre of youre soul,
Where youre treu self will be reveild,
In that kind of place,
A good, brave, loyal heart and mind,
Those would be beautifull,
The most beautifull,
I would love to see,
A mirror that would show the center of me,
But I'm not sure everyone would,
Even if it could,
This world isn't ready,
For a beauty image thats steady...

Perks of being a wallflower

Wallflower, wallflower,
Silent beauty,
Living her duty,
Sees and hears,
But never clears,
Her trought,
She never speaks,
Or ever leaks,
The things her eyes behold,
Or the sound's told,
She waits quietly for the day,
Someone take her green away,
And make the flower bloom,
Some of us you know,
Can make flowers grow,
Without rain and without ground,
Only with love and care,
Thats what she waits for,
And good comes to those who wait,
So with a leap of faith,
These are the perks of being a wallflower,
A loving shower,
My sweet sweet silent wallflower...

And that's the perk of being a wallflower,
Knowing just because it isn't happening right now,
Doesn't mean it never will...

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Like water

Her smile,
Is like water,
Never the same,
But always beauty,
Her lips,
Taste like water,
There is no name,
To pin point the taste,
Its mysterios and rare,
You always want more,
Her eyes,
Are like water,
Bleu and schimmering,
It takes you away like waves,
They take you in,
And never let you go,
She's like water,
Washing away,
Everything from yesterday,
She's like water,
Washing away,
Wave afther wave...
Never the same,
But never so diffrent,
That I dont recognise her anymore...
She's like water


Driving down the 68,
I saw youre favourit spot in town,
I couldnt help myself,
Started to look for youre face,
Wheter I would say "hello",
Or nothing,
I'm still doubting,
It seems so frightning,
Used to be so confident,
That we always spoke,
We always laughed,
We had our dances and jokes,
Yet it seems,
We no longer do,
Im running a race thats already been runned,
Im losing a lost battle,
And still I will carry on,
For thats what I wished you would have done,
If it was the other way around...

Three little words

Step closer,
Of us,
Little words,
Step closer,
Is better,
Three little words,
Tell me,
"I brought macdonalds" 
And I know we were ment to be 


The demi lovato song,
It keeps blasting trough my head, 
Oh how I love the words,
I sing or more likely scream and shout,
Along to every single line,
The song is enthirly mine,
It stokes my breath,
For I can find myself in pieces,
And the pieces fit perfectly,
Right there where I have space,
They take in their place,
It makes me whole,
My new motto,
I'm a warrior! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Life experience

You said to me you have this respect,
This rare ambition to be like me,
To have a real-life-changing-hard-stituation,
But you never will,
You see you said,
I wish I could trade you,
Some of youre brightest days for my darkest,
So you and I would be equally scared,
But it will never be,
It can never be,
Cause you see,
Youre not as strong as me,
Youre not a fighter,
No survivour,
No warrior,
Youre just a boy,
And I need a man,
I you ever find courage,
And the ability to choose,
I see you then little gooze...


A superstar,
Thats what you are,
And you dont know me,
Or anything about me,
You cant see me,
You will never know anything,
If I wouldn't excist you would never know,
I'm just a name,
Just a number,
Another girl you sing to sleep,
Everynight from youtube,
You wisper goodnight,
Afther the last song,
The one always there,
The one who sings a thousand memories,
Sweet sweet superstar,
You'll never know me,
Youre life, 
Flashing camera's,
Thats what you are...

Re-write of my fav superstar Taylor Swift song: obviously Superstar

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Patciently waiting,
While lights fading,
He wisperd to me,
How did you get those?
When pointing at my scars,
I was shoked so swallow,
So I said it superficial,
Those lay on the surface,
As he replied,
Why would I ask about those on you heart,
When those were the once,
That brought us close,
When those were the once,
I saw the second we met,
In a fraction you took my breath away,
You wisperd,
You said to me slowly,
That the scars made me beautifull,
They made me look alive,
And afther all,
Its not looks that make someone stay,
Its personality that makes you love...

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The first moment,
I keep going back to the first moment,
I always thought that our paths collide,
But they didnt just excedently slip,
They were put like that,
By you,
The fault lays in youre hands,
Because you choose me,
And changed youre mind,
While all it for me,
Was just one single look,
And now there is no turning back,
Im corner stoned,
Im in a treadmill love,
No turning back,
Im haunted...


I know we both stated to be over this,
And I know that we both stated to not need eathother,
As well as I know that we both stated we will never get back together anymore,
But we also both know that you still got my sweater in youre drawer,
And that you need me more than you thought, 
That I still have every receite we bought,
Maybe we should state,
That there is more to relate,
We shouldn't have cut the other out of our lifes with a blade, 
I'm afraid,
I'm so afraid,
Yet that this might be to late...

I lost myself

I lost you.
I lost you..
I lost you...
How could I lose you...?
When I loved you so?
How could I lose you,
When you and I are as one,
How could I be the blind one,
I can't get pass this,
I can't let go,
I can't move on,
I can't forget,
Because moving on and forgetting you,
It would mean that I'll let myself go as well,
It would mean that I would lose myself,
And I've been working so hard,
To get back to who I used to be,
But I haven't seen that girl,
I haven't seen her around lately,
I can't let go,
From you,
For you,
Are the best part,
Of me...
I lost myself.
I lost myself..
I lost myself...
How could I lose it?
When I'm supposed to love myself?
How could I lose it?
Me and you we were one,
But apparently I was a no-one,
For that all I feel like since you've been gone,
No-one, No-one, No-one...

Friday, March 7, 2014

different universe

I've thought I saw it all in love,
But then you got send from above,
I've never knew that it could be like this,
The feeling I get when we kiss,
For the first time I get butterflies,
Doesn't matter what we do even when we eat fries,
I feel perfectly good,
Just you knew we would,
You always knew I was the one,
If you ever had to choose again,
You always knew,
I just never was the kind of girl,
To read between the lines,
I wave everything away with fines,
And still you knew,
That once you would speak the words,
It was just a matter of chords,
A matter of music beating in my heart,
A matter of time to let it start,
But time was never a issue for me this time,
It was you're imagination,
In the end it where the scars,
That drove us apart,
But babe don't you think so too,
That in another life,
Or at another time,
In another place,
In a different universe, space,
We could be together,
We could be happy,
We could be...
Oh what we couldn't be,
Someday in the future....

In a different life, or another universe, what we couldn't be... maybe.

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