I lost myself

I lost you.
I lost you..
I lost you...
How could I lose you...?
When I loved you so?
How could I lose you,
When you and I are as one,
How could I be the blind one,
I can't get pass this,
I can't let go,
I can't move on,
I can't forget,
Because moving on and forgetting you,
It would mean that I'll let myself go as well,
It would mean that I would lose myself,
And I've been working so hard,
To get back to who I used to be,
But I haven't seen that girl,
I haven't seen her around lately,
I can't let go,
From you,
For you,
Are the best part,
Of me...
I lost myself.
I lost myself..
I lost myself...
How could I lose it?
When I'm supposed to love myself?
How could I lose it?
Me and you we were one,
But apparently I was a no-one,
For that all I feel like since you've been gone,
No-one, No-one, No-one...


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