The kind of lost that feels like being found

Then and there,
On that may 14th I think,
At milky twilight, 
Underneath the cabets roof,
Just a second,
A glince of ethernety,
I saw it in you're eyes,
And I got lost,
The kind of lost that feels like...
Comming home,
The kind of lost that feels like...
Being found,
Like I could finally breathe,
I stood there foolishly madly falling,
And you smiled because you knew,
The way I was looking at you,
Was exactly the same as your look,
And for this moment,
Then and there,
We had our own little infinity,
Holding hands,
Taking the first chance,
For an ever lasting slow dance,
To make those notes,
Playing our song...
To make 'us' an 'us' and,
To make 'what if's' and 'maybe's',
And every now and then,
I let myself go back to that moment when,
We had our little infinity,
For we stand still in my dreams,
And we just stay there for ever,
Look at each other,
Falling in love over and over again,
For the first and the last time,
Every single time again,
In our song,
Our place,
Our infinity...
Looking right in the eye,
I get lost every night,
But I find myself in this moment,
Just before daylight,
Every single night...

Just before daylight, every single night,
my bed reminds me, we are the best couple ever.

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