Wisperd John green quotes

He wisperd in my ear John green quotes,
As we stood in summer shimmering evening,
As the wine floades,
I laughed as loud as laughter can be,
My white teath for all to see,
Oh how I love him,
All he is, and he's my all,
When calls me with his lyrical tongue,
I can almost hear our love song,
You me things he says in his book,
"She's the kind of girl who searched for things that wouldn't be found, her heart is a secret garden with walls so high that no one dared to climb it, she was the kind of girl that loved mysteries so much that she became one..." 
And then he said,
"But I found her when she thought she was lost, and I didn't climb but I stayed waiting in front of the wall I watched over how it got wrecked stone by stone, and now...now I will wait till I've puzzeled you, till the mistery is at a mysterios acceptable level..." 
And I finally said to him,
"I love you"

And for the first time in a life time,
There was a happy ending,
For two as one...

he whispered john green quotes in my ear.

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