Friday, March 21, 2014

Drunk on love

They said to me,
Like poison on my skin,
Like a charade on my fire,
That you only told me,
Because the alcohol was running through you're vains,
Because you where drunk, wasted...

But You're friends instead of mine,
The stand on the other side,
Saying exactly the same things,
But then I'm the drunk girl,

And the truth is,
As we the two of us both now,
That non of us had to much to drink,
Nothing at all,
We didn't even had one drink,
Just the love,
When I'm with you I act wasted,
Because I'm drunk on love...

What would it be like,
If I could just tell you,
These simple words,
I'm drunk on you're love...
If I told you all of the above?

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