Saturday, March 15, 2014

3 years...

There is this study,
We had to read it for school,
And the conclusion was,
That we all wait on average, 
3 enthire years of our whole life,
Waiting on the train,
In line, on that text, for the dishwasser,
For a receit, for youre dad to pick you up...
Can you inmagine that this means,
You are waiting somewhere bored,
3 christmasses, 3 NYE, 3 summer holidays, 3 birthdays, and so on,
Now I really understand why they always say don't wait,
There is plenty time to wait,
Or as a matter in fact you will wait plenty of time in you're life,
So make sure every other second counts,
Make sure!

Life is short, don't forgot to live it....

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