Perfect have we loved

Long long days,
When my nights,
Used to be about you,
Those nights,
With all our friends,
Laughing and rolling their eyes,
Because of us,
The two of us,

Long long hours,
That I used spend with you,
Things we used to do,
Those chores,
That I hate to do,
They actually weren't that bad,
With you...

Long long parties,
With my family,
No you're not here,
To make my smile appear,
Oh baby,
All the stupid this we used to do...

Long long time grounded,
When I was with you,
The time we came home in the morning light,
The night we fell asleep with the tv on,
The summer day we had to walk home,
Or that one time we re-played the notebook...

Long long tears,
When I hear +Taylor Swift's 'perfect have I loved',
For we used to sing it,
We used to know already,
That perfect have we loved,
So there we go,
If you love me then I love you,
I'd like to keep you till I'm old...

Perfect have we loved, you mean the world to me...

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