Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's you...

He's perfect,
He's sweet,
He's 5 cm taller then me,
He's all he needs to be,
He's two years older,
He has a handsome smile,
He opens my door,
He tell me I'm beautiful,
He's close to my brother,
There just one this to bother...
That it isn't the way I loved you...
I don't love you,
Like you do,
I don't love you,
Like him...
And you're wonderful,
And you're a miracle,
You're incredible,
And you drive me insane,
And you've got me screaming,
And cursing and calling at 2 a.m.,
And I hate you half of the time,
But the other half,
The half that loves you,
Misses you more every day,
And half of my heart won't settle,
Till it's you,
It's you, It's you, It's you,
It's always you...
He might make me laugh,
Or make me smile for a while,
But deep down I'm wishing he was you,
The entire time..
It's you...

you have always been that one epic love of mine

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