Sunday, March 23, 2014

Counting my steps

Carefully counting my steps,
Making sure I won't make a move I regret,
That I don't do anything unthought,
A sudden move might scare you off,
Back into you're defensive mode,
You shutting me out,
And hiding behind that huge wall...
So I'll stay carefully,
I'm remain thoughtful,
I'll make sure all is been at ease,
But what will you do for me?
You don't give me confidence,
Or let along any chance,
You fail to make me smile,
I was only happy for a little while,
I just sit on you're bed,
And wait in the cold,
All for you're heart of gold,
But it has gotten to my ears,
One of my biggest fears,
That you're heart will no longer be mine,
Even when I behaved so fine,
All this time,
I waited, listend and gave all of me,
Now I'm asking myself,
Will you ever see,
All this love of me,
Will you ever see,
Or will I stay just invisible...

I'll put on my brave shoes and hope you'll notice the swing in my step.

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