Circle of us

No more
I screamed
Over-analysing everything
This loop
Its more or less
Like a cirkel
It won't break
It won't end
This pattern
Goes on
Again and again
Its making me dizzy
I want to get off
But were animals of habit
And my heart 
Is habitated by you
So what am I supposed to do
When I dont want to 
But yet I do
I am this hypocritical sarcastic lover
And youre the subborn egocentrical one
We better get gone
Go on, on, on
Find someone else
But still no one drives me crazy
Like you
Tell me know 
That its the same for you
We have issues
But oh my 
Issues means fighting
And fighting means making up
And there we are
The circle of us
Won't break 
The string is too strong tied

Goodbye's are not forever, this circle of us is too clever.

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