Monday, November 30, 2015

Read the instructions.

Could it have been,
At any other time,
It have been,
Too little,
Too late,
Too much,
Too rush,
As if he knew,
My heart,
Was skipping a beat,
For him not to,
Hear the words,
I blurted out,
By accident,
Little did I knew,
It could'y have been,
At other time,
I send all the signs,
I only needed,
Someone to be read.

Funny how these hands where made,
For working yet sometimes they take on,
More then I can handle.

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Let me go.

Funniest feeling,
Me being nervous,
If you might,
Say something,
About the words I write,
Despite the fact,
That I know,
You won't,
For part of the reason,
I am so hurt,
I feel this rage,
Is cause you won't,
Lay eyes on anything,
Coming from,
Your daughters hand,
Unless it spells out,
Her love for you,
The rest is too depressing,
So dark or words just random,
For an explanation,
Or the story behind,
You've already vanished,
Not even one line,
Of a poem,
Have you ever read,
This past year,
It's so clear,
There is no pride,
In anything I do,
You want light,
But I won't shine for you,
Only for myself.

Won't you let me go,
Go my own way.

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Tears stream,
Down my face,
Fon't worry mom,
You'll be walking,
In grace,
Talking about,
How life,
Never got you a blaze,
Yet don't ever think,
That once,
I'll be gone,
One day,
I'll come back,
To be abused,
One more time,
Don't think,
I am addicted,
To your smothering,
Words trying to suck,
The last fight out of me,
Cause I still got,
A hell of a lot,
More light left,
Then you've ever had,
Tears stream,
Down my face,
As I decide,
You are her,
You are grandma,
Welcome yourself nothing,
Cause if you ain't give,
you ain't getting.

You just stay the same,
Believe you don't need to change,
Get chained to the i-pad,
To the screen,
But don't ever dare to dream,
You've done anything for us,
With the earbuds in when we scream,
You are not there next to me,
When I walk up the stage,
I don't want to share,
With someone who doesn't care.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015


To be dreaming about,
So far up,
In the future,
Is not to be,
Living in,
The here and now,
Yet I do not,
To be living,
Among the,
Living death,
Only the death,
That are still living,
See when all the life,
Has been hit,
Out of your soul,
That is when,
The cracks,
Become either,
A mosaic of dreams,
That are getting re-arranged,
Or a shattered heart,
Of once lost,

This daydream is so dangerous,
Yet I love danger,
Just a little bit more,
Then I love you.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Would you?

Would you steal,
Would you take,
Would you dare,
To make,
My heart yours,
Or would you let me,
My own way,
Or would you let me,
Walk my own way?

Would you shatter,
Would you devistate,
Would you rage,
To try and,
Keep my heart,
To yourself,
Or would you let me,

Could you,
Would you,
Shout you?

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lost in priorities

Time stands still,
Bullets and beauty,
A combination,
Not shot,
Many times before,
To be together,
In a world,
Filled with new romance,
With star crossed lovers,
That never even discover,
The existence,
Of their other half,
Love and hate,
Had found each other,
For the first time again,
So thy seem to think,
Yet does one dare,
To say out loud,
The words,
No one has talked about?
Does one have the courage,
To speak up,
For the ghosts,
Haunted by getting lost,
In priorities?

When echo's stop,
When ghosts vanish,
Who is calling out,
For lost lives?

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All too well

Is it not strange,
That all you've ever wanted,
Can become,
Anything you want,
Now a days,
Rare the ways,
The way crawls,
Up front,
With every step,
You take,
The fantasy,
Of who to be,
So easlily,
Gets stolen or lost,
Littlest of the times,
It expands,
That must be,
Why it was so suddenly,
When you took me,
Under your spell,
For to be honest,
I could never tell,
I'd one day know you,
All too well.

Don't try, just do.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Drone sight

To think,
That one knows,
All there is,
In this life,
Is to think,
Life is as insignificant,
As one thought,
Yet one,
Has not the knowledge,
Two have combined,
To think two intertwined,
Know all the lot more,
Is to get fooled for sure,
We need so many,
To turn around,
Any of the believes,
We depend upon as our chiefs,
See what you think,
Is not the truth,
There is more to life,
Then your own circle,
Break it,
I'll dare you,
To break out.

Step out of your comfort zone,
Meet new people,
Eat different things,
Listen to new stories,
Before you know it,
You'll find yourself,
In losing you.

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Small talk,
Seems so small,
When many,
To all,
Seem to,
Only hand out,
What they,
Have prepaired,
To talk about,
But is that really,
How you want,
To live?
Without ever giving,
Piece of mind,
Heart of you,
For others you know,
To show,
The world you live in,
Is it so hard,
To start,
Saying what we would,
If we'd only dare,
To tell we'd care.

In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take.
From: Google.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I'm catching bullets,
Between my teeth,
Trying not to,
Let my tongue bleed,
I swallow carefully,
Every metal that thy shoot,
Thy try to took.
The words I spoke,
And blow them up into smoke,
Thy tried so hard,
To make my heart,
Shut the fuck up,
Yet I won't ever,
Stop pouring my heart out,
For you to hear,
The words I fear,
I'm catching bullets,
Between my teeth,
For you.

If it's still in your mind.
It is worth taking the risk.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


There are,
Zero words,
To say,
To thy.

There are,
No nothings,
We blame,
For this pain.

There are,
Only so many,
Thoughts running,
With your head.

There where,
Thousands of,
Reminding of,

To be forever,
Is to have had,
With a lot,
At cost.

Is it not universal...?

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Dance with chance

It could have been,
A million things,
Random news,
Really anything at all,
Yet it wasn't random,
What so ever,
It was mainly,
Targeted at their,
Families back,
A red and white,
Dot dot dot...
So circulair,
Always coming,
Back around,
The cancer that grows,
Inside our lifes.

Monday, November 16, 2015

If you like me... Perfect.

You will never be,
The one I'll take home,
You won't ever be,
The guy I'm proud to shown,
But if you like,
Being my dirty little secret,
Then isn't this perfect?
Isn't this perfect?

We will never be,
The couple with the start here,
We won't ever be,
Telling them without fear,
But if you like,
The life of the party,
Then isn't this perfect?
Isn't this perfect?

But if you like,
The way we ain't able,
Makes us repeatedly,
Pass note's in secrecy,
Finger gliding across the table,
Then I might be perfect,
For you.

And if you like,
Sneaking out,
At Sunday night,
Then this might,
Be perfect,
For you.

I want to taste you again like a secret or a sin.

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Last Words

When you haven't met,
But somehow you can't forget,
The last words this person said.

When you never spoke,
But still his death can provoke,
The tiniest stroke.

When there are only lose ties,
Between the man and the cries,
Yet I am still questioning life's why's.

When there is nothing left,
But the grand theft,
Of a man too lost,
He'll pay the greatest cost.

When you haven't met,
But somehow you can't forget,
The last words this person said.

People do not die from suicide; they die from sadness.
From: WeHeartIt.

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Sunday, November 15, 2015


Funny thing being,
At some point,
Of creative writing,
Of imagination,
It could have been.

Funny thing is,
Somewhere in the lines,
I took a stray from him,
To the man,
I'd love to meet.

Funny thing being,
He might be more like,
The one I'd write,
Yet I had forgotten,
To do so.

Funny things add up,
To you being,
More or less,
Nothing I thought,
I must confess.

Funny thing being,
I don't even know,
What I think anymore.

Funniest of all,
He could be right,
In his being wrong.

John Green Quotes.

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fix yourself before you'll get fixed up.

Does it not scream,
Inside your head,
Does it not roar,
Inside your heart,
The demons,
Telling your gently,
You need more time,
Fooling you,
That you might,
Not have liked,
That Saturday night?
For this time,
Traveling to oblivion,
Drinking till you tell,
Won't get you far,
You can go by,
Car, train, plane,
Trying to pass,
Before the whiskey rain,
Walls you under,
Yet you never,
Run out weather,
You can't ever,
Give her,
What she deserves,
You've ran out,
Nothing but chances,
You've ran out,
Nothing but chances.

Fix me, Street art.
From: WeHeartIt.

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I'll write for you.

As to write a poem,
On subjects that matter,
Not to me,
Yet for me more,
Even so less it does,
To the once I love,
I had to write one,
Any who,
She asked with a smile,
Yet her smile,
Seemed to have had,
Some hits,
It can not quite,
Shake off,
The way she dances,
Trough the rest,
For her life,
Never failing a test,
She has proven,
To herself let along the world,
She is untouchable,
Maybe that might be the reason,
He acts so childish,
For he is intimated,
By her coming on strong,
Being the one you'd wish for,
On a merry night,
Thinking it might,
Never happen,
It does,
She is the rare one,
The one to hold,
Once catches,
Yet you dropped the ball,
Now don't mistake,
You'll be taking the fall,
So intimidated by the fear,
Of being plain, average,
Or even littler,
Do not flatter yourself,
For you are nothing more,
Nor nothing less,
Then you,
The one she'd been saving for,
Yet nothing to be scared of anymore,
For she is gone,
For sure.

I love you, Your problem.
From: WeHeartIt.

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I wonder.

Is it?



For long.

It seemed.


It might.



We humans.

Have failed.



I wonder.


What is it.

People think.

When one is aiming.

To strike innocence out.


I wonder.


I wish.


I wonder.

Do thy ever.



Paris. Peace. Tragedy. Lost lifes. War. Wonder. Poem.

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Paris was,
Filled with love.

Paris is,

Paris gets,
Maybe even,

Paris can,

Paris will be,
As it once was,
Not for all whom we lost,
But for their memories,
Are engraved,
Inside our hearts,

Paris must be,
As it once was,
Dark, tormented,
Yet colourful and light,
In order to stay,

Paris has to remember,
That all the tears that fall,
Be broken hearts,
Homes and life's,
Can not be bared,
When Paris as was dies.

Don't let lost be just lost,
Make sure that you save,
The memorie of those,
Whom cost.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015


Once upon a time,
I took a fall,
Before the day,
I learned to fly,
Now the air,
Is mine,
Once upon a time,
I'll take a fall,
Yet I am no longer,
Terrified to lose,
The ground beneath,
For I know now,
I got wings.

Be free, Fly.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Did I knew?

Little did I knew,
There are,
Man who listen,
As if I sing,
In a song,
Only thy can hear.

Little did I knew,
There are,
Man who respect,
My body,
More then I did,
Teaching me,
What I am worth.

Little did I knew,
There are,
Places filled,
With people,
Oh the liberation.

Little did I knew,
There are man,
Who are more,
Then interested in me,
For me.

Little did I knew,
Intimate could be like this.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ready for Tomorrow Today

Had one once told me,
That today,
Would be tomorrow,
That today,
Was the future,
That today,
Was the rest,
Of my life,
That today,
Was life and death,
For those who seek,
For those who wait,
For those who give,
And love,
For those who long,
Had one once told me,
That today,
Is tomorrow,
I would not have believed it,
Before tomorrow.

Today is the day, I am ready, For my tomorrow today.

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Sunday, November 8, 2015


As we think,
We get free,
When we are born,
In fact we come,
From a round,
Protecting shield,
Into a box,
We'll be placed,
Into boxes,
Our whole life,
Squares that have,
Strait corners,
All look the same,
Made the same,
Just as the people,
That come out,

People in boxes getting brainwashed.

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Friday, November 6, 2015


Had thy once told me,
Dreams come true,
I had shook my head,
Looked to the lack,
Where ground was aught to be,
I have been,
All my life,
Down to where,
There is not even,
Foundation left,
Not a rabbit hole,
To peek to,
But a girl,
That kept on dreaming,
Of having a dream,
Here I stand,
On solid clouds,
Concrete white,
Telling you,
Dreams come true,
For those who forget,
What sleep is,
Do you believe me?

Dream come true for those who do not sleep.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Strangeling silence

As you ask me,
What I can not,
The way you want,
I feel the silence,
Killing me,
As it has murderd,
Only a thouasand,
Times before,
How many nights,
Had I strangled,
Your self-esteem,
To death,
By ingnoring,
The signs,
We're not in love,

There where bullets in the words I told him,
Shooting him to the ground.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Not even nothing,
Was what I felt,
When I knew,
If there was anything left,
I should feel it,
It had to be,
This stinging emotion,
The thought I could not,
Yet I was,
I was eventually pure...
If  I told you,
Addicts can get clean,
Even when the drugs,
They once got high on,
Are all around...
Would you trust me?

Would you trust me? When I tell you I'm not a kid anymore?

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Teardrops on a steering wheel

Cold air,
In the mids,
Of a winter night,
That once seemed,
As a summer afternoon,
Yet we both know,
The breeze that tangled,
Between our feet,
Was not half as cold,
As frozen hearts,
Can be,
Talking and listening,
To the same old,
Familiar stories,
Of love turning,
To bad blood,
I recall,
I've been here before,
Are you the stranger,
Of whom I've lost,
It's name in the flood,
Of memories turned,
To oblivion,
By the heartbreak,
That thy cold as ice,
Left on me,
On you,
Binding us,
In memories,
We've hardly shared,
My familiar stranger,
Left some of his tears,
Some of his salvia,
On my cheeks.

And if you ever want to fall in love,
I'm sure these words are what your looking for,
Go ahead, Find the girl...

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As she tried,
To please the world,
She came to the conclusion,
That there is no,
Pleasing one's self,
In attaining the approval,
Of others,
There is not satisfaction,
In gaining the ratification,
Of thy all,
She had lived,
For years trying,
to gain,
What was only,
A road of pain,
Trying to squeeze inside,
The bodice of society,
The opinions of all,
Little did she knew,
It was never worth the fall.

So she stayed the same, what a shame...

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Skeleton in my home.

Came rolling in,
As clouds,
On a rainy day.

Crumbled me,
To the ground,
As the last piece,

Flew across,
The room to anyone,
With heart for literature.

Is supposed,
To make us better,

Was not,
The question,
Answer nor salvation,

Live here,
Where you,
Should have been.

I hope you are now as free as the birds you loved to watch fly,
As the words that keep you alive flow,
I hope where ever you are, you are.

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