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Little voice inside my head

Worth it


stop and stare

crazy stupid love

I lived it all

come home

Not the kind of

For ever

Told me he loved me

Finished cleaning my room

Come to the conclusion

Find out what I found


put it on the pile

ruined the surprise

Thank you

I just dont care

Creative work

Would you have stick around?

Remember when

The universe revolving

Forgot about our

Please dont tell a girl

The moment I knew

No more complicated theories

Told me he loved me

You dont love me

Stop the flood of tears

feet pointing at each other

when time passes us by

Wondering if...

Can't go tonight

You warm me

Eyelash wishes

I still do

Dont you reminiss

guitare here

Long live...

Get away


Now you see me the movie

Crash and burn

Hurt me

Smile again

Between the lines

Stand with me in the pouring rain

Stranger to me

Never give up on you

Lucky me

Know you like the back of my hand

Gave away more then I had