Lucky me

I read this article on psycology today,
And it said that people who are considerd 'lucky' often only just create their own luck,
Youre never gonna find a euro on the floor if you dont look for it,
Or you will never be lucky in love if you dont want to put everything aside to be lucky, 
The fist time I read it I got happy for all my friends always say to me that I'm one lucky bastard,
But the second time I read it I got actually really sad,
Its in those words 'want to be lucky in love' its not like I dont want to be lucky in love,
Its just that I'm so afraid to get hurt that I never can let go of my insecurities en just give away the person I am deep down inside...
So eventhough I am a lucky bastard I still tend to feel unlucky,
But I'm gonna find my sliver lining in this wisdom,
Good comes to those who wait...
So I will wait for time to be right to go and find myself lucky in love and then the good will come... 


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