Monday, May 19, 2014

when time passes us by

It was a year ago last night,
It is a year ago that you kissed my cheek,
A year ago I took a sneak peak,
Of what we could have been,
It was a year ago,
Time flies so fast,
As fast as the speed of sound,
And a carousel that goes round and round...
And I'm getting dizzy,
Don't know what hit me,
But what if time passes us by,
You and I,
If time passes by...
Would you stay with me and just hold me,
Until the morning light?
It's already a year ago,
Funny how it doesn't feel like that at all,
Did you remember our little secret bet?
Where you there for me?
Or just to see,
For she wasn't by you're side,
And I saw the look on you're face,
When he admitted his love for me,
You got scared, as well as I,
But I'm supposed to be,
And you shouldn't for we cant,
We just cant,
I just only wanne ask,
That if years from know,
When time has almost passed us by,
And we have kids running round,
And houses with gardens and work,
And the whole thing,
When they ask about that summer,
And when they point to the pictures,
Will you please smile while saying my name,
Tell them al the crazy things we've done,
Like that time you took a midnight run,
Or when we re-played the notebook,
Or how we used to pretend to drive away to another world,
How we could dance till the morning light,
When time passes us by,
Please whisper to me a little goodbye...

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