Infinity or 8?

Spending all my hours,
Thinking trough my words,
But why would I?
Love only exist in my dreams,
And infinity is just the number 8,
And forever usually means for now,
Yet still,
When I know so,
I keep spending all my hours,
Countless hours on thinking trough,
All the things,
Nothing I do or say,
To make this go away,
All the time,
But why would I?
Won't someone talk some sense into me? 
For I know Romeo and Julliet weren't perfect, they died...
And hearts don't bend they only break,
And love is not something you share,
Most people don't even care about the giving they just take,
So now take all of me,
For you shattered my heart,
I'll put the pieces back together,
Like a mosaic of a broken heart,
Glue the pieces back together,
Even better then before...

infinity, forever and always

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