Friday, May 2, 2014

He was like, but you are

I still remember him,
He was like the kind of alarm that buzzes you out of bed strait,
He was like a plastic knife so breakable,
He was like a perfectly cleaned kitchen,
Beautiful but never lived,
Gorgeous but no fun...

And then there is you,
You're a storm when I'm in my dress for I expected sun,
You're like a bird floating in the air making me fly,
You're a cappuccino in the morning,
You're my biggest wish without a warning...

And now I've let you slip away,
Making the same mistakes as I did last time,
And he was the kind of guy to give a second chance,
Yet I don't think you are...
But I do hope...
You are...

Every day I pray,
I'll find you along the way.

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