Same fight

You know why we have this same fight every time?
Because its not me but you who you need to convince that its good like this,
And I could say a thousand or a million mean things to you,
But how would that help?
And we could keep on fighting and then reunite, 
But what is the use? 
In all of this,
When what we fight about is the miss of something that we could've been,
But babe deep down we both know that you cant play on a broken string, 
And you can only ride a bumpy road for so long,
Oh I tried how I tried to stere every little bump in the road,
But there were too many,
And ont so little time,
We have to face the facts,
Stay in line,
Stop calling it yours or mine,
It wasn't a mistake made or someone at fault,
It was bad timing, and bad habits, and bad experience in love,
And we were both a little lost,
And you know it okay to not feel okay sometimes,
So I understand you're doubts yes I do,
Its just that I felt this kind of lost like being found, like we could look together to see,
What we wanted to be,
Yet for you it wasn't save at all,
I'm so sorry for the fall,
And so should you,
Im sorry for loving you...

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