After I fought about it countless hours,
I never expected to find an answer any day soon,
Yet it just drifted to me suddenly,
This rainy sunday afternoon...
You just keep thinking in my expectations,
While I don't expect anything of you other then...
To make me feel loved and make me smile,
But that doesn't mean that I don't have faith not believe in you,
I believe in you and you're potential,
I believe in you more then anyone in this whole wide world,
So how come you cant tell the difference?
What part of me make you feel so worthless or whatever,
That you'll just have to win from me,
That you need to put me down to get back up,
Why do you have to walk so tall over me,
When all you want to be...
Is a little more me?
Havent you ever thought that maybe,
That also counts exactly alike for me?
I want to be like you,
And you like me...
So what the use in this war and silent treatment?
When apart we cant?
Be anything alike "us"?

the true mark of maturity...

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