Get away

Took a look at my hair today,
And realised it wasnt okay,
Look at this power you have over me,
I make myself completely free for you Naturally,
And then after all we been trough,
All I got from you,
Was this feeling so bleu,
But at least I had the privilege to say I once knew you...

Took a look around my room,
Suddenly it hit me boom,
You still have me under youre spell,
By the unthidyness I can tell,
There are things laying around everywhere like I just dont care,
But I do,
Its just I dont have time, I spend it all on missing you...

Looked inside the mirror and reflected on life as today,
Came to the conclusion that I need to get  away, 
Maybe to an asian island,
Or the australian beach sand,
Somewhere away from here,
Just a litle slip me dissapear,
Here in this town where nothing ever happens,
Could it be so hard?
To leave the memorie of you,
For a new start...

Oh I'm looking in the review mirror,
You cant get much littler,
Going back to my roots,
Just me in my cowboy boots,
No more "but's" and no more "if's",
Im doing as I wish...
In going as I wish,
As I wish...

New York, empire state view. 

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