Crash and burn

There are black water proof mascara stains on my walls and on my light post,
I just stared at them all week,
And everytime I do I feel sick,
Sick and tired of this battle within,
Dying inside for its a battle I'll never win,
Its my heart vs my head,
A combination toxic with risks up to winding dead,
I know what I know,
And I feel what I feel,
I really do,
But I dont feel what I know and I dont know what I feel,
I'm twisted and tangled up inside,
Youre grip is too tight,
And oh youre emotional fists,
They hit me so hard leaving me black and  bleu,
Waiting there on the ground, 
To see if its killing you like it killing me,
We have a drive or die kind of love,
And no one dares to take the stearing wheel so we'll just,
Crash and burn,
And crash and burn,
And crash and burn,
Untill we learn...
Oh what I would give for you to take the wheel,
To make me feel what I feel is real,
For I'm about to lose control,
And youre the one I want in,
So won't you say you'd rather love then fight?! 
Won't you give up youre pride,
Like I'm almost about to give you up,
No more crash and burn,
This time its lesson learn,
Now or never,
Never or forever,
Drive or die,
Love it or lie,
Just know that anything other then yes,
Means no it means that you'll have to go...
Tell me then darling,
Is this one alarming?
Turn up the speed,
Drive me crazy,
Turn on the heat,
On get on with it already,
Just take the lead,
How much more clear do I need to be?
I want you for me...


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