Dont you reminiss

You said to me,
Dont you remember that day,
We drove hours down the Highway,
Singing in the car,
Talking about stupid things,
And laughing about the navigation skills you have,
I still smile when I think of you saying,
"Oh I think we shouldve got a right there..."
Those are memories arent they,
Dont you remember?
And it was not really an honest answer J gave you,
But I really dont want to remember,
Because then I also think of all the promisses,
You know what the difference is between promisses and memories?
Memories stay exactly the same,
When promisses are easily broken,
Just as easy as a plastic knife,
So I'd rather not reminiss,
For then it will turn out its not you that I Miss,
It are the memories witch I stayed in love with,
Not you, and not youre promisses,
But the memories...


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