Tuesday, May 27, 2014

stop and stare

He said to me once,
"Stop and stare..."
I never understood what he ment,
He said... "Do you see what I see?"
As we looked at a river bank,
I couldn't really see much at all,
Only water flowing,
And now that I lay alone is this huge empty bed,
I finally understood,
You ment that I needed to take a break,
Rest sometimes, stop and look around,
To see whats there,
To see who and what is surrounding me,
For I'm so buzy moving ahead,
I just forget that my live is also here,
At this moment even if I do nothing,
I still move,
Just as water we people always moving,
For time keeps ticking,
Even if I sleep I move ahead,
My cells grow and heal me,
My heart beats, and my blood flows,
So I tell you now,
"Stop and stare, for every single moment had something rare.."
And it's true,
It's really true,
For every moment that passes by will never return...
So all is rare,
I ask you do you dare,
To stop and stare?

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