You could have had her,
And you could have had practically any girl,
You could have had the one with that blonde hair,
The one who talking to didn't see to matter or care,
Or even the one everyone down thought was good,
But the one you wanted was one you never could,
One that rejected you when she was becoming a lady instead of a girl at her 16th,
And now again she did when she was 18 years old,
You wanted to know if you could heat even the cold,
So you worked you're ass off,
As she gave a kiss away and lent you a date, 
And just after a few when she melted for you in faith,
You knew she was in now on you're long sad list of yes-i-could-s...
You failed her with you're neglecting the pinky promises made and they became yes-i-would-s,
And know you an have every one,
Her, the blonde, the long, and the one famous for the mattress,
But you will never have me around,
Just remember that when my grieving is trough, 
I will find another you,
When you will never have me around...

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