Now you see me the movie

Ive watched it today,
For some reason I thought I might one day did watch it with you,
So I saved the movie,
But now that you seemed to be vanished,
From movie night you will be banished,
So to sound really kind of pathetic,
I watched it with my mom and my brother,
You know the one you were close to,
The one's you really liked,
He still asks about you,
Just as well as me he misses you,
You were like his hero,
An example set,
Yet for me you are only regret,
All though I have to admit,
You know me well,
When then you could tell,
That this is the kind of movie I like,
If we had watched it that night,
In the movie theater you would've earned a stipe,
Though I'm not sure you're alternative for that night wasn't quite perfect either,
The floating in the water pool,
And the warm shower we took together,
Laughing and fooling around,
Then later at that fire when you played with my hair,
And the music got closer and louder,
I promised to be you're little dog if you kept me this happy by playing with my hair and tickling my neck,
Our friends they laughed about it,
But they never had something like this,
They never knew a love so deep,
Since I couldn't get it out of my head,
Ive watched the movie today,
I didn't wait for you like I always do,
I watched it anyway...

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