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Saturday, June 25, 2016


Crawls down the road,
Trying to find,
An opening,
To rewind,
The time that has,
Spun too fast,
But these fists,
Won't last,
Crawls up the road,
Trying to get back,
To where it,
First started,
Hits right in his face,
She'd gone,
Nothing to be done,
Thy all say,
Make her proud,
But it ain't a reason to live,
When she ain't here.

You and I,
Are a team,
If your not here,
Then I can't be either.

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The P in Art

Art or therapy?
One had not asked,
A question,
Of this kind,
People are to kind,
As to ask,
Of this order,
In person,
Thy do not,
Express nor share,
Their flair,
Of being flown,
Into the drawn,
To look at things,
From a somewhat,
Other perspective,
Then the selective,
Who will salute,
The recruit,
Known for his force,
When his horse,
Has lost,
The last,
Of the battery,
When the power,
Had been shattered,
As a bloody nose,
That will smell,
Only suspicion.

Is this (p)art enough to you,
To tell, what all too well,
Does not stick, when it's in ink?

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Melted to tears.

This heat,
Rising up,
Then the anger,
Then the hell,
I wish to you,
My heart,
So cold,
Turned it,
Into tears,
Unable to be,
Falling to the ground,
In that moment,
I left my sorrow,
Another day,
It will be easy,
To say,
Now that I feel,
So light,
That I have,
Let it go,
My heart,
Finally beats.

No longer do I stand,
Watching from the outside in,
These walls have melted.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Please you, please?

One more sip,
I could see his look,
Drunk and lost,
Just the way,
I like 'em best,
We stumble home,
Sneaky roam,
Close the door,
Sheets are drawn,
Push me up against the wall,
Hold me still,
Dare me to move,
Make the game intresting,
Tell me lies,
You know I want to hear,
"How beautiful I look",
"That I am the one and only",
"That you are falling in love with me",
I do not care,
If it's only for tonight,
As long as you'll be,
What I need,
I'd do whatever,
To please you, please?

I don't try to be sexy,
sexy tries to be me.

Sorry I just could't resist... ;-)
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Friday, July 24, 2015

Third second chance.

You asked me,
"One more chance?"
Yet the question itself,
To me implies the answer,
I had given to many,
You asked me,
"One more chance?"
This time,
The answer had changed,
So there I went..
"If you,
Bring me the sun,
So I can warm my soul again,
If you bring me the moon,
So soon,
I can think again,
If you bring me the stars,
So that I will shine again,
If you give me the earth,
For me to have a re-birth,
If you hand me over,
The horizon,
I'd been longing to hold,
Inside the palms of my hands,
Even if you could,
You still wouldn't make a chance...
Cause the horizon,
I longed to have so much,
I've passed long gone ago,
When you where still hung up,
On lost love,
And third second chances...."

Even if you hand me the horizon,
We only fell in love with each other,
For we couldn't have them...

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All the words,
Used to,
Define me,
Little did I knew,
Just how fast,
I could,
Burry my future,
Behind me,
In the past.
In place.
Words that sounded,
So far away,
Yet the where just,
A tombstone,

Now here I stand,
Before you,
Telling the story,
Of how I have died,
A million times,
Yet my heart is still beating,
Lungs are still breathing,
I am still alive.

And just like that, butterfly, you fly away,
Fly to another life, with ever bat your wings take,
I forsake, the wind can not,
Blow your happiness away. 

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Midnight bubble wrap

I ask myself tonight,
What tomorrow will bring?
I wonder,
If you wonder,
As much as do I,
Have you ever,
Given my the try,
To have a change,
To get over these things,
All that you told me to,
Everything you wanted to do,
Bubble wrapped plans,
That never got a change,
To bloom either,
Never got unboxed,
Just hidden somewhere,
Behind grey dusty covers,
Nowhere near today's lovers,
Let along tomorrow's,
Leaving me with tears to dry,
For one hell of a load of,

Let's take a midnight walk tonight again?

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Think a little less...

As I was floating above the crowd,
I was only wondering,
What you where thinking about,
I had absolutely no idea,
But I could see, that the freedom you claimed,
To have found lately,
was definitely not so free,
As you once used to be,
I thought of asking you,
But you shut inside yourself,
Even before I tried,
Although darling we all see,
When you cry, 
We all see that you,
Are not yourself lately,
You are no longer the girl,
You once where,
And the thing is,
You don't miss him,
You don't miss us or home,
You miss someone so well known,
Darling, darling, the alarm bells ring,
Cause I think you begin,
To miss yourself. 

Oh honey, think a little less, live a little more...

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Goodbye, or goodnight.

Midnight at sunday,
Not so sunny,
As we meet,
The rain inside me,
Feels pouring down,
You meet my eyes,
I feel your burning,
As I have the desire,
To talk to you,
But we can't,
Somehow we seem to,
Always rearange,
Just so much untill,
We do bump into the other,
You start a polite conversation,
I ask 'bout work and family,
There you've got it,
The first thing I see,
It's passed one thirty,
We're the last to leave,
Just two old lovers,
Stroweling down in lantern light,
When I turn around,
Cause I know I should,
Say goodnight,
So does the conversation,
You keep on bringing up,
Talking topics,
Until you find one,
I'll have to respond to,
Silently screaming,
We're set up next to,
Your or mine place,
In between the sleeping houses,
Of our little town,
You keep on going on,
Bout things no longer,
In our hands to change,
You forget the name belonging,
To this face,
But the memories,
You always get right,
The memories don't fade,
I feel myself getting sad,
I really thought I had,
The strengt this evening,
Before I left,
To say goodnight,
But I honestly,
Can't ever find a reason,
To say goodbye,
I have to know the reason why,
In order to say to you,
Why can't I ever,
Say goodnight..
If you're reading this now my dear,
I hope you sleep tight,
Tomorrow when you wake,
I wish you had a,
Good night.
Cause it's about time,
Either one of us,
Once before watching,
The rise of sunlight,
Got a goodnight.

I'm still here waiting for you... Watching you as I hear you say,
Goodnight, when seeing you leave is a nightmare.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Don't stop this train

She always wondered,
If she where ahead,
Or behind with her time,
And maybe that's the reason why,
She got stuck on her train,
She never considered,
These kind of thoughts before,
Yet once one was fired,
There only came more and more,
It was a strange thing to do,
Shut down as if skies had,
Never even been blue,
Act grey when the way,
Is no longer clear,
When you forget how to steer,
She knew she knew,
Somewhere inside,
They answer lays,
That's where the truth always is,
And truth be told,
Even when my heart get cold,
I came a long way further,
Then there is ahead,
That's all needed to be said,
Now my days I will spend,
To find back the faith,
I lost along the way,
So that I can only say,
By the way...
If you ever wonder...

Everyone comes with baggage, find someone who loves you
enough to help you unpack.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Stunning sting

I found myself today,
I am so sleepy,
Got some pills down,
With a bottle of Jack,
I no longer lack,
The dare to,
I lost my nerves,
When I lost my sobriety,
I don't care my will is dead,
I found myself a had,
I am so sleepy,
Fell in this so deep,
The more liquor running,
The more thought stunning,
Deeper the needles,
Deeper my feels,
I'll drown until I breathe,
Just for a relieve,
For an out.

If this poem wakens unpleasant feelings,
If you are in the need to talk,
Or if you have self-harm or suicidal thoughts,
Please follow the link below for online help.

"We can help you get trough this."

It's a messed up world, but life is always worth it. ALWAYS.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I fell into a rabbithole,
You jumped in,
And there uit was,
You and I lying on the ground,
Echo of our laughing sounds,
I looked up at the stars,
Knowing you'd do the same,
You started to tell,
What they all mean,
When I realized this spell,
It's like when there is only...
You and me,
Somehow we always fall free,
Into wonderland,
This place where we get lost,
From who we are,
And where we belong to,
A place to forget,
All the night waking us up with regret,
We fell into wonderland,
You and I loved it there,
But it can't,
Be anymore wonderdland then is was,
Cause we should not take pass,
In something so far from our own,
Yet so close to home...
Wonderland becomes a burden,
An hell with to much love for anyone to handle,
A hell with only diner, small talk and a lighted candle,
We found wonderland,
You and I fell for it,
Love had never been as intense as is,
Yet not as heartbroken the can't...
We found in wonderland.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Hope is a drug...

I hope you tell them one by one,
That you've messed it up,
Somehow you lost me,
I hope you still think of me,
Every single day when you wake up,
When you go to bed and in between,
I hope you blurt my name out,
Like you used to when you where drunk,
Every single night to every single girl,
In the hopes to find me,
I hope you wonder how I am,
I hope they all feel you break as they say my name,
I hope pictures of me laughing,
Make you wish you could turn back time,
I hope you still miss me,
I hope you still hope just as much as me.

Both afraid to say,
But somehow,
Always in the way...

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Friday, October 3, 2014

One more angel...

The clock stopped ticking,
At midnight,
In the darkest hour,
When you're body,
Lost the last power,
When eve you're heart got cold,
Time passed out,
The world stopped spinning,
And we lost...

Every angel is scared to loose her wings...

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Will you?

I love you,
Or I could better say,
I loved you.

It's all gone now,
There is nothing left,
Not even partial anything.

All that lingers,
Is just this one thought,
If I would dissapear,
Would you look for me?

If I got lost along this life,
If I got lost in this crowded world,
Would you search for me?

Even when everything,
Has broken down,

Even when the world,
Is slowly stopping,

Even when the sea,
Is as rough as the wind,

Will you look for me?

Even after all,

Will you look for me?

will you look for me?

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

gallery life's

I'm putting polaroids,
On this cold white wall,
The black and white,
Feels like a gallery,
The smoke lingers on the walls,
Where do we go?
When we lost and need,
To find a place to be found?
Where do you go?
When you're no where bound?
Where do you lay down,
When history haunts?
When even in you're sleep you're not safe,
From the memories of devastation,
From the voice inside you're own soul,
Tell me dear where did you go?
Where did you find a piece of mind...
I couldn't wait for the answer,
The first ray of sunlight,
I just took my keys and drove,
Drove all day,
On this unknown way,
Till I got drown to a house,
That I now call,
My own, my home...

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Saturday, July 19, 2014


Won't you talk to me God please,
Just one minute of you're time,
Can you look me in the eye,
And give me a reason...
For all the tears we cry?

Won't you talk to me God please,
Just one minute of you're time,
To explain to me,
All the pain is this world I see...
Not even a tiny little kind of free?

Won't you listen to me God please,
Open you're eyes and ears just a minute,
I want to let you know,
The pain of those you took away,
Those I loved as mine...
Taken too soon this time,

Won't you hear me out God please,
Is it too much to ask,
A minute of you're time?
Is it too much to ask,
When you did not answer,
To all the screams,
To all the prays,
Didn't they called out for you?
Loud enough to hear?

Won't you tell me God please?
Won't you tell me,
So I won't keep dwelling,
In this wondering why,
The hope of a nation died,
The tears keep on falling down,
Planes fly, the plane should've flied...

Won't tell me know,
For I've had enough,
Why can't we get,
A proper grief?
The body's they just lay,
To become cold and grey,
Tell me please God,
I beg you now,
Why they pulled out sharp knifes,
End so many beautiful life's?

God, please don't tell me,
I don't even wanna know,
The plans they had,
Where they were supposed to go,
Just take away the pain,
Of all of those who lost,
All the hearts it cost,
Buises on souls sticking like stains...

Won't you talk to me God, please?
Promise me the world will be fine again...
Promise me they will smile from above...
Down to the ones they loved...

Won't you God please...?
One minute of you're time...

Is anyone listening?

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wanne be winners

We all wanne be winners,
And nobody wants to lose,
Or to be called a loser,
Do we do things,
That we dont feel like,
In our lust of being winners,
We sadly all become sinners,
And my lost soul,
Always prays for the beginners,
The new one's,
That they maybe strong,
And stumble on along,
Instead of with decieve,
Just with theirselfs and believe,
For that is really all you need,
Much better then greed,
Just believe in you,
That is all there is to do,
We all wanne be winners...

winners focus on winning, and we all wanne be...

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Did you forget me?

Did you forget?
That I was waiting here for you,
Did you forget?
Everything you've ever said?
Did you forget? 
Did you forget? 
Somewhere we got lost,
Settelt into dust,
We where once so good,
Just like it should,
Tell me when did you forget?
All the things we shared,
All that was in youre head, 
Did you forget,
That I am still,
Waiting for a call,
That I stay here,
I will never disappear,
Did you forget,

you're my wonderwall...

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

come home

Dear please wont you come home?
I've been waiting for you for so long,
I get lost in the beauty of all I see,
This live is not as bad as they make it sound,
If you paint you're own canvas you'll soon see,
all that matters is the little big things,
Those like you an me,
Now we've been fighting for so long,
Waiting for the calm after the storm,
So babe wont you come home,
Cause everything I ain't you are,
And all I need is all you have,
Everything I shared is what you want,
So baby come home...
Forgive me if we met too young,
I know sure we were ment to meet.
Just somewhere along the road,
And the first bump we hit was so hard,
Set like stone and we havent gotten any experience mining,
But I could keep mining for years to find,
You're heart of gold,
Now babe wont you come home...
I've been waiting for you to come home,
Everything I know is that you're the only mistake I made,
Letting you go was letting an angel get away,
I've been waiting for you for so long,
I want to make this wall tumble so I wrote you're heart a song...
Dear please just come home...

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