Goodbye, or goodnight.

Midnight at sunday,
Not so sunny,
As we meet,
The rain inside me,
Feels pouring down,
You meet my eyes,
I feel your burning,
As I have the desire,
To talk to you,
But we can't,
Somehow we seem to,
Always rearange,
Just so much untill,
We do bump into the other,
You start a polite conversation,
I ask 'bout work and family,
There you've got it,
The first thing I see,
It's passed one thirty,
We're the last to leave,
Just two old lovers,
Stroweling down in lantern light,
When I turn around,
Cause I know I should,
Say goodnight,
So does the conversation,
You keep on bringing up,
Talking topics,
Until you find one,
I'll have to respond to,
Silently screaming,
We're set up next to,
Your or mine place,
In between the sleeping houses,
Of our little town,
You keep on going on,
Bout things no longer,
In our hands to change,
You forget the name belonging,
To this face,
But the memories,
You always get right,
The memories don't fade,
I feel myself getting sad,
I really thought I had,
The strengt this evening,
Before I left,
To say goodnight,
But I honestly,
Can't ever find a reason,
To say goodbye,
I have to know the reason why,
In order to say to you,
Why can't I ever,
Say goodnight..
If you're reading this now my dear,
I hope you sleep tight,
Tomorrow when you wake,
I wish you had a,
Good night.
Cause it's about time,
Either one of us,
Once before watching,
The rise of sunlight,
Got a goodnight.

I'm still here waiting for you... Watching you as I hear you say,
Goodnight, when seeing you leave is a nightmare.

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