World earth day.

World earth day making my way,
Down town today not in a car,
But by bike I see others walking,
Smiling and talking,
The sun is shining,
What a little name does to our crazy minds,
Every single day it is world earth day,
For years she has been,
The only lover,
Saving our souls,
Holding our hands,
Feeding us, providing us,
Time and again,
All we give in return is one day?
With a crazy name...
World earth day.
I dare you to,
Make tomorrow,
And next week,
The whole month,
World earth day,
Over and over again,
I dare you to,
Pee under the shower,
So you save 6 liters or clean water,
I dare you to not get a plastic bag,
When your shopping,
I dare you to turn off all lights tonight,
And keep the tv remote far away,
So finally you listen,
To what you partners been waiting to say,
I dare you to turn the heater lower,
And pull on a sweater instead,
I dare you to think before you act,
I dare you to shake my hand on this pact,
So we can make world earth day,
Worthwhile to our stay.

World earth day 2015.
You've got the whole world in your hands.

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