Monday, April 27, 2015

Secretly dreaming

Secretly dreaming,
About you,
Or so I thought,
But said just now,
All these people,
'Look at his girlfriend',
With a crooked laugh,
And I just,
I didn't know,
What you where,
Trying to say...
Am I too honest,
Or deep, or sharing,
Or maybe just too myself,
To be just a friend,
You talk to every,
Once in a while?
Cause now I feel,
Like I should be secretly,
Dreaming about,
Talking to you,
For I honestly,
Love these topics,
We can talk about...
But if you don't,
My pall,
You're statement was,
Cristal clear...
I won't bother you,
No longer my dear...

you made me so sure all your dreams can come true...

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