Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I discovered,
That life is not unfair,
Not unfair at all,
In that fact that it is unfair,
Lays the fairness,
How ironic,
Since life is unfair,
For all of us,
Equally unfair,
That makes life,
Pretty fair again...
Strange how a little change,
Of perspective can in fact,
Change your perspective...
Life is full of,
Incredible mind breaking,
And heartaching yet,
Still groundbreaking,
There are so many reasons,
To hate and love,
All at the same time,
If only we all had the same eyes,
Or if only we all saw,
Nothing the same,
That's the beginning of the game.

It's a sad earplug in, world out kind of thought, that made me,
appriciate the world even more.

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