Your beautiful you.

Beauty is not the voice to be followed,
It's not the voice to be heard,
Nor is it a voice demanding to listen,
It is a soft almost silent whisper,
Calm and warm not loud or shout,
It does not asks for answers or actions,
It only makes the ear,
Curious and wondering,
What a humble sound is singing trough...
The noise of all the other voices.

Beauty is not the girl,
That waves her hands in the air,
The girl without a care,
It is not a reckless rulebreaker,
Nor a firestarter,
It may even not make your heart beat faster,
Yet it does, make you think,
Think about what you feel,
Cause beauty you see,
Is like art,
It demands nothing,
Not to be appreciated,
To be seen or heard,
To be loved or thrown in dirt,
It makes no difference at all,
Cause it's the beauty part in art,
That makes it indifferent to these things.

True beauty does not asks itself,
If it is worthy or not,
It does not look in the mirror,
It does not recognizes their every spot,
Nor does it knows it blessings or flaws,
It has ideas and thoughts,
To be consumed and blend,
By there heart and soul they lend,
To the world for those who want to see,
The true essence of beauty,
It does not roar, it does not roast,
It neither cost or get's lost,
Unable to show in a photograph,
Not to be understood,
The purest most natural form of art,
Beauty the invisible part,
Hidden inside the actions we do,
that got decided deep down in the centre,
Of a golden heart.

Beauty and grace, all in place, it's up to you.

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