Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Let the world spin equally.

Wasting the world,
We are,
Wasting the world,
On cheap perfume,
And drunkin' laughter,
We are wasting the world,
On Facebook likes,
And posters saying,
"Save the earth",
Most of our efforts,
To try and make things right,
Are damned to never seize,
The sunlight,
We keep it hidden under covers,
Scared to admit of tell,
We have plan bigger then,
We shared with our...
High school lovers,
Tell me now,
Is it such a sin,
To let this world begin,
To once again spin,
Equally fast or slow for anyone,
Does my money,
Or your SuperTrash,
Does your status or,
Your cause make your worth,
Anything more,
Or anything less,
In this world,
That's already a mess.
A broken hearted teen girl,
Could plainly see,
This is not the way,
The world should be,
We are ought to get bolder,
Wiser, beloved and Older,
But we don't seem to use,
The cleverness we learn in our books,
We are so smart, so bold,
But absolutely clueless,
We're all in this alone,
And all in this together,
So together alone we stand,
But is seems alone together,
Is more the hand we lend. 

Where is this world going to?

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