Saturday, January 31, 2015

One way ticket

When I where with you,
An item so exclusive,
People would travel the world,
To Find what we shared,
I was so full of,
Feelings, words, and sounds,
I was so in touch,
With my inner self,
Like you picked me from the shelf,
Took me by the hand,
And made me understand,
What I had been trying,
To tell myself all along,
Now that those days are over,
I am no longer that luxe,
Nor that interesting,
Or even at all listening,
To the voice within,
I would give anything,
For a one way ticket,
Back to those golden times...

I'd do anything for a one way ticket back into you're heart...

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kiss me

Take me,
Down to our,
Spot in town.

Make me,
Hold your hand,
While smiling.

Keep me,
Closer then,
You'd ever.

Kiss me,
As if there,
Was no tomorrow.

Say me,
The words,
I long to hear.

When you...

Take me,
In reverse,
To when we,
Kissed, kissed,
Like tomorrow,
Was ours...

Take me,
Kiss me,
In the shadows,
Of our past time,
Between dawn,
And twilight,
Kiss me.

Will you,
Kiss me.

Now kiss me...

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


He told me,
Why'd he had to talk,
The first time we've met,
How not only my smile,
But also my eyes where filled,
With joy and laugher,
The stars danced inside my orbit,
Shimmering in the light,
Singing loudly along to the music,
Dancing and spinning around,
A girl showing of her brand new dress,
Chatting about things we do not understand,
But she's talking in this moment he lend,
No one would mind her rambling on,
Or laughing about the song
Cause it looked as if,
She was the happiest girl,
In this wide wide world...
And I wondered,
What it would be like,
If I ever where...
Cause we all know,
That the one's who's smiles,
Are brighter then the sun,
Are the girls trying to outshine,
The shadows they are living in...
Pretending to be happier.
You told me,
Yet I did not knew,
The girl you talked about...

I can not remember who you paint me to be,
But if I where to pick a moment where  might have been,
This would be the one.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

And just like that...

And just like that,
We gave up,
We walked  out of each others life's,
We no longer talked for hours,
Or saw echt other every day,
The traditions became memories,
And our family's grew apart,
Just like that,
We decided that this was not for us,
That it should be different,
We forgot what is so hard not to remember,
Just like that,
We became strangers,
Acting like the other did not exist,
Like we did not knew the other half,
Was so close within reach,
Just pretending not to regret,
What we've never said,
When you and I both now,
That we where not supposed,
To end this way...
I would've never thought we'd end this way,
And just like that,
It happend.

I act like I don't care, but deep down I swear it kills me.

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That easy

He loved me,
And I loved him,
But it just wasn't,
As easy,
As 1+1=2...
I could loved you,
My whole life,
And you would,
Have done the same,
But that's the thing,
About a skinny love,
When you tell someone,
And they try to blow out,
That tiny little flame,
Called love burning,
They have so much chance,
To succeed...
And I guess they did,
I loved him,
And he loved me,
But love doesn't come,
That easy...

Love does not come that easy.... But I still love you.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

God only knows

If the heaven where to ever speak,
You where the only sneak peak,
If God where to ever answer,
You where my life's enhancer,
If my prayers where ever to come true,
It was when they brought me you.

If the heavens where to ever talk,
You would be the only thing making my breath stock,
If god where to ever reply,
You would become the reason why,
If my prayers where to listened to,
It was when I fell for you.

If the heavens where to ever speak,
They'd tell me I was weak,
If god where to ever answer,
It would be saying I should stayed with the dancer,
If my prayers where to ever come true,
It would be when I am forgiven by you.

If the heavens where to once show,
What we deep down now,
If God where to tell,
What the stars spell,
If our prayers are in sync,
We can not for a moment longer think...

Faith's the heaven's gate,
And I believe in you,
More then anything true,
God only knows how much I love you.

God only knows, my true love for you. 

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Unspoken but broken

You asked me...
"Do you have anything?
Anthing at all to say to me...
It's the last time,
Anything at all before I go?"
I wanted to tell you that,
I loved you,
Needed you,
Wished to be yours,
Would do anything,
Go for infinity and beyond,
And it still would be,
Like we didn't had enough time,
I wanted to spill my heart out to you,
Say everything I kept in,
But all I could think was...
You left me alone,
You left me all alone.
So my mouth just spoke to you,
And went all like,
"If you're asking me then I do not,
But maybe if you had not,
Maybe if you yourself said something...?"
But you did not spoke,
And me neither,
Now we are...
Broken our hearts are broken,
By words left unspoken.

I wanted to hear things like love instead of sorry,

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Friday, January 23, 2015


Life is always full of new beginnings,
Sometimes an ending is a new beginning,
But most times,
It's just there presenting itself. 

Have you ever thought now, 
That beginnings and change,
Are not so bad at all,
We live in a world longing for,
When changes are chances in disguise. 

Take a new beginning and make it,


Christopher Robin quotes.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Only knew

Maybe I should play in a tv show,
For I apperently have a mask,
A role I play so well,
That there is no on who can tell,
That I am breaking down,
My inside is caving,
I am not what you see,
Not the vision you have of me,
They are jelous of my confidence,
When all that I have,
Is the shattered pieces,
Of the secure girl I once saw,
When I looked in the mirror,
I don't even recognize me anymore,
But whenever I walk out that door,
I'll put my smile one,
Pretend I wear a crown,
Walk up strait,
Look ahead think of breaking free,
When they all,
Wished they where me,
If they only knew...
If they only knew...
I pretend to be happy so much,
I keep on telling everyone,
How fine I am so determined,
That I almost believe it myself,
Until I am alone,
If they only knew.

If they only knew,
"You only know a part of me,
I am a universe full of secrets"
Drawing made my me :)

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Save me

Carried you trough the night,
Held you tight,
Make sure your alright...

I dry your tears,
Fight your fears,
Statisfied your needs...

Made sure you'd smile,
Stayed with you for a while,
Pick you up from the bathroom tile...

Save all my love for you,
Never knowing what to do,
But I'll tell you,
"You'll be fine, you'll make it trough.."

Now you've been saved,
I saved you,
But who's gonna save me?

Hope is the most addictive of all, who's going to save me?

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Make me feel

"You knew I loved you, always,
I said it a thousand times..."
he looked at me hoping,
But it just was not enough,
Ofcourse I knew,
You always know,
Just as well as you can see,
In someone's eyes,
It's in a thousand things,
Eventhough you said,
Thought, showed and all,
I missed this one thing...
You never made me feel,
You just never made me feel,
Like you loved me,
And to me...
That's just all,
I don't want someone to say,
These three words over and over,
To make sure it's been said,
They don't hold any meaning,
When spoken this many times,
I want the laugher of the moment,
An the intimacy of eye contact,
I want you to say it while you sight,
And most of all I want you to know,
You love me when you want to hate me,
And when you're cursing my name,
Cause that's when "I love you"...
Really means that you love me.

I never knew I could feel that much and that't the way I loved you.
-- Taylor Swift   

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dancing with you

As we where dancing,
Singing loudly along,
It hit me this song,
Is the one for you and I,
To give this a try,
As sparks flew,
And the heat rises,
So does the cost,
All these prices,
We will have to pay,
But darling just say,
The words I want,
Tell me that you and I,
Could be something,
Should explore this,
See where it leads,
I'd follow you around,
Dancing anywhere you want,
It hit me in the song,
Singing loudly along,
As we where dancing.

We where dancing to the song.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Put on my shoes

Put on my shoes,
Walk a mile,
See trough my eyes,
Try to smile,
Cause in my world,
All that I built,
Everything is silent,
It's still...
Sleep in my bed,
Dreaming with my head,
When it's all so,
Screaming out,
But no one hears,
Recognised but still in fear,
When now it's so quiet,
Living off a lifeless diet...
Put on my shoes,
Walk my mile,
See trough my eyes,
Try to smile...

Put on my +Converse, walk my miles.

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Friday, January 16, 2015


I started to grow,
At first inches at a time,
All the compliments,
Thet made me blush,
It made me shy,
Cause I knew,
I was once again fine.

I started to grow,
I felt like ten feet tall,
This day was so bright,
Filled with love and honesty,
I could finally see,
I am finer then ever before.

I started to grow,
More and more and more,
Until I did not recognise,
Me like I was before,
When I found out,
I just a little more,
Now I'm the tallest person on earth,
For sure...

Make youre dreams happen, grow until you fly.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dare it?

It's a new year,
New career,
Now won't I be ready,
For something more steady?
In all of the aspects,
And every prospect,
Of my future life,
How to start the change,
With anything else then a cut,
No more closed in chains,
Only going with my gut,
I am doing it different this time,
I am gonna wear it,
Until it is only to be called 'mine',
The hair with the perfect fit,
For me.

I am thinking of getting a new haircut, this one, short but playful...
What do you think?

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I was ready for the blow,
For the caving in,
The curtains closing the show,
For you to give it all up,
I was prepared for the worst,
Had my pjyama's laying upstairs,
My old stuffed animal,
Not to forget a pile of pillows,
Nor to withhold thousands of tissues,
I was prepared for the worst,
As you came crushing in,
I had to suspect you would also,
Crush my world when you where...
Going to leave now wouldn't it?
There I was prepared for the worst,
When you showed me wrong,
And stayed...
When no one else ever did.
You stayed,
You stayed.

You stayed, we stayed... Together.

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Head vs. Heart

The days passed by,
Faster then I could remember,
It just shifted forward,
Without any breaks,
I could try to reach,
Nothing to do,
About this passing by...
The road only leads ahead,
Or pulls you down,
And nothing in between,
So when you get the choice,
Choose wise,
Cause when you're in the past,
There is no getting fast,
Back to the future,
You'll have to serve the time,
And make life one again,
They way you have once done before,
And then time and again,
There will always be doors,
Leading to the world or nowhere's land,
Who can tell?
Does anyone even know,
How to live this life...

Head vs. Heart, I wonder, Does anyone knows how to live?

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Brighter light

I woke up today.
Brushed my teeth.
Took a shower.
Got dressed.
Then as I looked in the mirror.
I saw myself.
More clearly then ever.
My eyes so bleu.
My cheeks blushed.
My lips red as blood.
It was as if I had always been me.
Somehow I thought I had lost myself.
But it seems I was always right behind me.
I was the shadow I owned.
And now here I am.
Seeing her in the mirror again.
Hello you.
How you been?
She just smiled.

And all at once I saw myself in a brighter light.
-- Berlin. 

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Lost me

Friday morning as you made you're way,
Taking in the cold air of the to day to come,
Did you ever even thought of the possibility,
To you might see me?

This dark dreadful Monday bus ride,
Did it hurt you're pride,
Because I was there sitting neglected,
Without even pretenting to give a care?

Have you not thought this afternoon,
Of what to say when I see you soon,
Have you not ever wondered what it would be like...
When you had kept you're word?

Had you ever wondered,
Of might tomorrow be the day,
You will come to see,
That you have lost me?

I stood there facing the fact that I had
lost you... When I never even had you to
call my own, now will you ever know,
You lost me...

-- Londen.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015


Interview about our blogging with Marel Holtermans on camera.
We are happy about it! 
Thank you so much. 


Place in this world

In this world,
Filled with sadness,
Everyone rushing,
I must confess,
That for once,
I start to feel like,
I have found my place...

Something in the air,
That makes me see,
Everything so clear,
Roaring without fear,
I can honestly saw,
I think I found it...

I've found my place,
My home,
In this big, big, old world,
A place in this world.

Finally found my place in this world. 

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

thanks to you.

During this interview,
She asked me,
"Well being a poet,
Is not something for like,
Any girl you're age,
How so did you found it?"
And for a moment there,
I did not know what to say,
My mind flashed back,
To when you whispered to me,
That August night,
That I should make work of it,
That I am talented,
Something special,
That you wished you had it,
A skill all from yourself,
Something you win at,
Then and there I grew,
I started to glow,
For the first time ever,
I felt being looked up at,
You made me feel so loved,
And extremely special,
So thank you,
Cause everything I am now,
Is all because of you,
Thank you.
So I said to her,
"Someone who is really special,
To me said that I should go blog,
And so it all just rolled along.."
Looking at the ground with the biggest,
Most enormous smile ever.
Thank you.

You gave me all. 

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Monday, January 5, 2015

One more reason

There is this silly thing I do,
I keep on going back to you,
Now that you have vanished,
From my life,
And I no longer meet you in person,
I still talk to you,
Every single day inside my head,
I tell you all about my day,
About the children and my laughs,
But most of all about these little things,
That had reminded me of you today,
About the macdonalds glass on my desk,
Or that life of Pi will be on telly tomorrow,
Or even the fact that I keep on scrolling,
Trough my picture roll in my phone,
Just to find that on picture of you and I,
On the 13th of July,
When you worn that jacket not yours,
When we hit the floors,
Midnight dancing and kissing till dawn,
If you's only known,
That I still love you like I did then.

One more reason why we should date again, I can make myself laugh.

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Burning hot

If I had,
Any idea's,
Of to why,
I am drawn,
To you,
I'd make sure,
I would never,
Ever be again,
But I,
Haven't gotten,
Even a clue,
As to why,
I am addicted,
To you,
So tell me boy,
Won't you,
Come over,
Or closer,
Now that we,
Are still,
Burning hot,
As a smoking cigarette?

We are as hot as a smoking cigarette.

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Why'd you have to go

It was supposed to be you're birthday today,
I wanted to see you're face and say,
Hey fattie, you look like shit,
And the whole room would look scared,
Wondering if you would sell me a hit,
For they all don't know what we shared,
We had a bound so strong,
Nothing could make this go wrong,
Until faith decided,
And you passed off.

God took you out of my life,
And with you my strive,
To be the best myself I could ever be,
I don't know I am no longer me,
You used to be my example,
My one and true vision of the future,
You where supposed to stay on duty,
Until I graduated and we worked together,
Then after 10 or 15 years,
We both would be in tears the moment,
I became the one taking over you're job.

You said it a million times,
One day you'll be me,
But without you'r guidance,
Who will I be?
God please promise me,
That he'll be able to see me looking down,
I hope with a smile not a frown,
I hope you're proud,
When you see my face in the crowd.

The thing you could've said when we walked in first day of the year.

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Friday, January 2, 2015


We had our second fight,
What made me wonder how we made up last time?
And I just couldn't figure it out,
Like I think it was in december,
If I correctly remember,
And then we just moved on,
At least I thought but I guess I was wrong,
Its not like You can just stop loving,
Or care for someone,
We didn't even realised how not over this we were,
Till we met again that day there,
The sparks flew again like before,
And together we walked out the door,
You knew deep down I could resist if you offered more,
So I took you home laid my heart to rest,
But you're words and my heart are a combination distressed,
You broke it over an over,
How could I believe once again you could become my lover?
Maybe you knew or saw it in my eyes,
That I believe in you as kid believe in santa,
Like something magical, holy, untouchable,
And now its more like unthinkable,
You and I so unbreakable and at the same time also unthinkable...

It is so unthinkable that one day everything between us can be
different from what it is now and good at the same time,
Cause I don't want to live a life that you're not part of. 

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Happy new dairy.

There we where,
In the mids of it all,
From no where,
To sparkling cider,
Inside a city,
That is brighter,
Then one I ever,
Laid eyes on,
These passed,
365 days,
There we stood,
Watching over,
Fireworks and stars,
Counting down,
Knowing it was good,
Just like I knew it would,
Now all that left,
Is turning...
All that I wanted,
Into all that I've done,
Starting today with dream one,
With a new blanc paged,
Dairy of me.

So delighted to see, You're still here for the dairy of me,
You're ready every part, Right from my heart. 

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