Make me feel

"You knew I loved you, always,
I said it a thousand times..."
he looked at me hoping,
But it just was not enough,
Ofcourse I knew,
You always know,
Just as well as you can see,
In someone's eyes,
It's in a thousand things,
Eventhough you said,
Thought, showed and all,
I missed this one thing...
You never made me feel,
You just never made me feel,
Like you loved me,
And to me...
That's just all,
I don't want someone to say,
These three words over and over,
To make sure it's been said,
They don't hold any meaning,
When spoken this many times,
I want the laugher of the moment,
An the intimacy of eye contact,
I want you to say it while you sight,
And most of all I want you to know,
You love me when you want to hate me,
And when you're cursing my name,
Cause that's when "I love you"...
Really means that you love me.

I never knew I could feel that much and that't the way I loved you.
-- Taylor Swift   

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