Tuesday, January 6, 2015

thanks to you.

During this interview,
She asked me,
"Well being a poet,
Is not something for like,
Any girl you're age,
How so did you found it?"
And for a moment there,
I did not know what to say,
My mind flashed back,
To when you whispered to me,
That August night,
That I should make work of it,
That I am talented,
Something special,
That you wished you had it,
A skill all from yourself,
Something you win at,
Then and there I grew,
I started to glow,
For the first time ever,
I felt being looked up at,
You made me feel so loved,
And extremely special,
So thank you,
Cause everything I am now,
Is all because of you,
Thank you.
So I said to her,
"Someone who is really special,
To me said that I should go blog,
And so it all just rolled along.."
Looking at the ground with the biggest,
Most enormous smile ever.
Thank you.

You gave me all. 

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