Sunday, January 4, 2015

Why'd you have to go

It was supposed to be you're birthday today,
I wanted to see you're face and say,
Hey fattie, you look like shit,
And the whole room would look scared,
Wondering if you would sell me a hit,
For they all don't know what we shared,
We had a bound so strong,
Nothing could make this go wrong,
Until faith decided,
And you passed off.

God took you out of my life,
And with you my strive,
To be the best myself I could ever be,
I don't know I am no longer me,
You used to be my example,
My one and true vision of the future,
You where supposed to stay on duty,
Until I graduated and we worked together,
Then after 10 or 15 years,
We both would be in tears the moment,
I became the one taking over you're job.

You said it a million times,
One day you'll be me,
But without you'r guidance,
Who will I be?
God please promise me,
That he'll be able to see me looking down,
I hope with a smile not a frown,
I hope you're proud,
When you see my face in the crowd.

The thing you could've said when we walked in first day of the year.

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