Monday, May 30, 2016


Drugs on the floor,
Locked behind,
See trough doors,
But rings shining,
But smiles show,
Sweater weather,
But dressed in dresses,
Low on high heels,
Blisters blasting,
Monsters stay,
With lights on,
Voices in my head,
Forget to shut,
Only jokes,
No one's laughing,
Ain't it funny,
Ain't it funny,

Bloodmoney, money, money, ain't it funny,
In a rich man's world?

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Dress on,
Strapped shoes,
Laces tangled,
But not yet,
Oh kill me,
Don't make me,
These shoes,
Thy hurting me,
Too tight,
To fight against,
The sparkles,
Blind my sight,
Stains my words,
You are not allowed,
Swallow the sorrow,
But don't suffocate,
Oh kill me,
Make the play stop,
Acting without a job,
Starring head,
Heading to the stars,
Oh kill me,
Write me off.

Do not write on, rather then writing me off. 

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Friday, May 27, 2016


Blood will dry up,
Within my fingernails,
Tears will be shed,
Until the flood,
Is stopped by the shooting,
Of the storms,
That keep raging on,
So far away,
Drifted from the shore,
Trying to claim,
The game of the streets,
One that cheats upon,
The sharing,
For the caring,
Is not what she desires to get,
Love is a different thing,
When you've been fed,
By love in bed,
That does not contain,
Caressing rather then pain,
Then the plain putting down,
Of what is growing up,
When the trill of it all,
Is more wishful thinking,
Then the fall,
When his hands around necks,
Crack another head,
My fingers will no longer control,
The goal of the fire,
Flyers your blood around,
As confetti on a carnival,
The flesh will be shred,
The meat will be eaten,
Until the dried blood,
Underneath my fingernails,
Is the only representative,
That could present the case,
It's drying contained your dying.

Shattered existence of existing.


I'd see you soon,
But that was all,
Too soon shot,
By the heart,
That shut down,
Put a crown,
Above the ground,
Where your bones are bound,
Cold air wrinkling,
The leaves that fall,
As pieces in their place,
Where I no longer fit,
The missed shit,
That lost touch,
With the voice behind the screen,
I scream, scream,
The longer that I stand here,
The harder I fall,
So many questions,
So many confessions,
Flowers do not explain,
How I feel under these consequentions,
Try to spit it out,
But I know,
You won't ever hear this anymore,
It's so load inside my mind,
Where I no longer find,
All the thing's I should've said,
Now I can not regret,
But build walls of guild,
From the bricks thrown,
By the words,
I've never said.

Super girls don't cry, Big girls don't cry,
Don't cry, Don't cry.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Infectie inspectie

Stiekem huilend,
Op de steriel gestreken hoezen,
Die mijn omtrek niet kunnen snoezelen tot slaap,
Sleept de gedachte me mee tot het hoogste diepte punt,
Bevroren bed van een vreemde,
Die ik als een warm deken over me heen laat komen,
Zijn zucht van genoegen is mijn zucht van genoeg,
Geen arm die nog kan verweren,
Alleen mijn eigen gedaante kan bezeren,
Wanneer ik nog een vuist probeer te ontwijken,
Zie ze kijken,
Vol ongeloof en oordeel,
Het verhaal dat het geheel van mijn verdeelde leven beschrijft,
Schrijf me uit,
Bij het in zijn,
Venijn over mijn witte lach,
Aan elkaar geregen met prikkeldraad,
Maar mag,
Ik deze nog inruilen,
Voor jouw pruilen?
Mag ik nog terugbrengen,
Wie mij in het ziekenhuis kwam halen?
Tranen in mijn mond,
Smaken zout,
Zoals je woorden me zuur maken,
Geef over aan de macht,
Die tracht mijn lust te sussen,
Mijn middelmatigheidswaanzin klein te slaan,
Want verwaan,
Is een ziekte die ons alle kan treffen,
En wat heb ik het getroffen,
Met leraren net als moffen,
Die alle niet wenselijke kinderen uit de lijn,
In een beperk-kamp zetten,
Uitkleden en ontleden,
Slaan en laten vergaan,
Tot het ontstaan van een gaskamer,
Achterhaald een gasten-kamer werd,
Het ontroerend slecht,
Al gevlucht, al gedood,
Verzet bood de straat,
Maakt gaten in haar geheugen,
Door de winter in de goot,
Gered door een vreemde,
Die naar bed wil zonder opblaaspop,
En aanschouw,
Ik werd een gepompte pop van bedorven vlees,
Zonder adem,  zonder lucht,
Verstikt onder het gewicht van de infectie in haar brein.

But do thy know who she is?

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Saturday, May 21, 2016


Washing from shore,
With borrowed shampoo,
Only light shining,
The emergency exit,
That was opened,
All too many times before,
Just don't do it,
Stay in this place for once,
Do not let the wind blow,
Your glow in the dark,
Into the next grave,
Toothbrush losing Hair,
In the same distress,
Thicking time bomb,
When will my voice,
Taste in your mouth as chewing gum,
Waiting to be trown,
As the trash,
That you bash my head for,
Hooded by the hoodie,
Of the last man,
That granted me a goodie bag,
Waiting for another to snap,
Washing my hands,
Innocente drifting from shore,
Clinging on to borrowed shampoo.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Auction or action

As dices combined counted 21,
She watched thy fall,
As an utterly dynamic stream of domino stones,
One after the other,
Tumbled knee to the floor,
Once her smile had shown,
Dates, dinners and drama,
Last one thy failed to see,
When she could choose from 8,
All she wanted was for faith,
To let someone fall for her,
For once when she would show her scars,
One that did run once he saw the burnes on her back,
The stitches on her lower arms,
And the bruises on her back,
For once let someone be untouched by my laughter loud as theather,
Let him fall for me wheter,
I am better versions or merely myself,
Combined as whole.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Broken bridges,
Swallow the bricks,
That crumble down,
From thy rumbles,
On a summer day,
Stray far from home,
Roam the streets of Krakow,
Now where do we go,
Where do we go from here,
When bounds dissapear,
As the smoke after the rain,
Plain sight,
Suicide flight,
Mother smothering,
Daughter buttering,
The relationship shut,
Gut is gone,
Glory lost,
Hearts frost,
Broken bridges,
Swallow the bricks.


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Thursday, May 12, 2016


Skirt is squared,
As the feelings,
Perfectly places,
Into the boxes,
That hold them all up,
In the attic,
Of long lost,
Self importance,
Voice rings trough the bells,
Church bench sells,
Blue leggs a blue place,
In the aim,
To spit up grace,
Yet all getting thrown,
Are words,
Slammed across the faces,
Silence all too loud,
Try to stop this car,
From crashing,
While merely from the outside,
Looking in,
Light summer breeze,
Huggs the goozebumps on the skin,
The same she's been living in,
No home,
This heart wants to roam,
Find something for her own,
Fled her house,
To the crooked path,
When wishing me death,
Don't bother,
You already died,
In my eyes.

We are the lost generation.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Her body on top of me,
Mind far below,
Head never moved,
Stayed on my shoulder,
She falls in love with strangers,
Forgets about the danger,
Of ending up in an unknown bed,
See her wondering,
Her eyes move across my body,
Where has she been?
Tired eyes, with shopping bags,
Too full, almost ready to snap,
Her skin shows she has been,
Eating all too less,
I asked her,
"Where your from?"
She does not know,
Christmas eve,
I asked her,
"Are you going to your family tomorrow?"
She breaks eye contact,
Merely wisphers,
"I have no family,
Aimless without a home,
Sometimes I find a piece,
Of the home I long for in distant memories,
On a strangers shoulder..."
She seduced me,
To cure her homesickness,
Her body fled my house in the morning,
Mind far flown,
Never anyone had moved my head,
Yet hers,
Stayed on top of my shoulder.

Missing it all. 

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Sunday, May 8, 2016


Bus stops riding,
Train stops rolling,
I stop growing,

Bus delays,
Train delays,
I stay behind this level,

Bus start riding again,
Trains goes rolling on,
And I,
I just keep breathing,

One step at a time,
One grade at a time,
One smile at a time,

The rollercoaster,
Never delays,
Never delays,

The rollercoaster,
Never stops riding,
Never stops rolling,

It goes on,
And on,
And on,

Even if it can no longer turn,
It will never turn back around,
It just keeps on going up and forth,
Up and forth,

I missed the bus,
I missed the train,
But never did I,
Miss the rollercoaster.

Life is a roller coaster. 

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Sun was filling the last inch between our faces,
both in different spaces,
yet so close,
never this far from each other,
shiver over her arms,
his fingertips across her skin,
two loved once's sweeping with the wind,
marble stones tapped,
glisten as illuminated passed mightnight,
by the sun too bright,
yet if the sun shines by light shed fallen,
pass time,
maybe he'll be mine,
now I am all too far passed,
by falling for him,
 time and time and time and again.
Never felt much for living,
nothing struck my wonders.
Surely miracles do not exist in a science based society.
How could thy?
Image flickers trough my mind.
You eased me easily.
Cheap wine and borrowed cigarettes.
Swept me off my feet.
Slow dancing after hours.
I believe in miracles, for the night I met you,
I found the sun shines even at midnight.

Sometimes the sun shines after midnight/

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Sunday, May 1, 2016


Zijn lokken,
Lijken te steken,
Door de gedeelde,
Plukjes hier en daar,
Die mijn vingertoppen strelen,
Als een zacht harige afwasborstel,
Aangemaakt met,
Plakkende gelei,
Die mijn hand,
En zijn haar,
Maakt tot een zij,
Zij die niet schroomen,
Bij het breken van de norm,
Van de voorgegane vroomen,
Het geknipte onzichtbaar,
Het verknipte klaar,
Gevaar van de samenleving,
Getatoeëerd op zijn arm,
Het dodelijke rood zwart,
De charm,
Van het stadse leven,
Het geven van zelfkennis,
In de eerste kennismaking,
Of door de kleinste aanraking,
Als die van het strelen,
Van zijn korte maar vele,
Stoppels haar,
Stopte het maar,
De verleiding,
Mijn lokken,
Ook zo te rocken.

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