I'd see you soon,
But that was all,
Too soon shot,
By the heart,
That shut down,
Put a crown,
Above the ground,
Where your bones are bound,
Cold air wrinkling,
The leaves that fall,
As pieces in their place,
Where I no longer fit,
The missed shit,
That lost touch,
With the voice behind the screen,
I scream, scream,
The longer that I stand here,
The harder I fall,
So many questions,
So many confessions,
Flowers do not explain,
How I feel under these consequentions,
Try to spit it out,
But I know,
You won't ever hear this anymore,
It's so load inside my mind,
Where I no longer find,
All the thing's I should've said,
Now I can not regret,
But build walls of guild,
From the bricks thrown,
By the words,
I've never said.

Super girls don't cry, Big girls don't cry,
Don't cry, Don't cry.


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