Sun was filling the last inch between our faces,
both in different spaces,
yet so close,
never this far from each other,
shiver over her arms,
his fingertips across her skin,
two loved once's sweeping with the wind,
marble stones tapped,
glisten as illuminated passed mightnight,
by the sun too bright,
yet if the sun shines by light shed fallen,
pass time,
maybe he'll be mine,
now I am all too far passed,
by falling for him,
 time and time and time and again.
Never felt much for living,
nothing struck my wonders.
Surely miracles do not exist in a science based society.
How could thy?
Image flickers trough my mind.
You eased me easily.
Cheap wine and borrowed cigarettes.
Swept me off my feet.
Slow dancing after hours.
I believe in miracles, for the night I met you,
I found the sun shines even at midnight.

Sometimes the sun shines after midnight/

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