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Monday, February 29, 2016

Glance Glisen Glow

Marble eyes,
Stare from the,
Back of the screen,
I wonder if thy seen,
Like other the bling,
Marble eyes,
Glisten and shine,
From behind,
The blind sight,
Of their master,
His jar of innocence,
His jar of destruction,
Waits for the eruption,
Of glas bursting,
Into pieces that shatter,
The clatter,
Will not fit,
Until the glass,
Took the final hit,
Thy had to roll,
And move thy will,
When thy swallow,
The hollow pill,
As marble eyes.

Few are those who see with their own eyes. 

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Closer to the dream

It's been a long time,
Finding out,
What I've been dreaming about,
See for times have changed,
And I did not,
I have remained,
With the thought,
That dreams are merely,
Playing out before,
One's sleeping eyes,y
Yet so it seems to be,
Just suddenly,
Life turns around,
And all you expected,
To be reflected,
Only in the deepest,
Of dreams,
Suddenly leans,
Against your,
Tabbing it saying,
"Hey, you, where've you been?"
And without question,
I told my dreams,
I was working,
To earn you,
Rather then to dream,
My life away,
On this that take me,
On their stray.

I'm getting closer to my dreams.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


2:30 in the morning,
Wind is blowing,
I ask myself,
"Why are you still awake?"
An answer does not call,
No more sheep to count,
Or thoughts to resolve,
No more graces to pray,
Or prices to pay,
What merely bothers,
Is that my eyes will not close.
The slightest change of pitch,
In the song of the wind,
The littlest shimmer of darkness,
Makes me energetic,
Oh if only I where tired,
How can one even be...
Awake at a time like this,
Without being lonely, in love,
Brokenhearted, or all of them combined?
Maybe the problem lays,
Within my soul so eager,
To obtain more and more,
Of this world I suddenly see,
In brand new light.
I can not get enough,
From this rush of new thoughts,
The chemicals in my bloodstream,
I feel them, burning me up,
Catch upon my heart,
If only I could fall asleep,
But tomorrow never comes,
Easy when you want,
Or late when you desire,
Morning falls, when the sun rises,
And I can tell you know,
At 2:30 in the morning,
Darkness is your only friend,
If tomorrow won't come,
Then I'll be doomed,
To be drunk forever,
To dream of sleeping,
Instead of sleep to dream.
If tomorrow won't ever come,
Won't ever come.

If only you where, imagine the dreams I'd have.

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

We Where There

We did,
Oh how we did,
Have a night like this,
Once a fair shared kiss,
Not one with a dark,
Bitter taste,
But that one sweet,
With grace,
I loved what was,
When I know,
We did,
Oh how we did,
End things at different terms,
Not to be ment,
To be messed with,
Yet here we are,
Soaked in so deep,
I feel like eyes are watching,
So close the creep,
When you just weep and weep,
We did,
Oh how we did,
Try to steer this in a different direction,
But the reactions,
Where not as we intended,
So random and rare,
The second we shared a care,
You looked strait and fair,
But tell me where we really there?
We where,
Oh how we did,
Where there.

And that's the hardest part of it...

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mommy mine.

When I was just a little girl,
One day out of the blue,
I said to you that,
"If all the mommy's in this world,
Would form a line,
I was to choose who ever,
You'd still be mine.."
Lately, I know,
That I dont always show,
Or share, how much for you,
I honestly care,
Our words are filled,
With snide comments,
Get the other grilled,
I'm sorry mom,
Cause I really do know I've won,
One hell of a prize,
When I looked into your eyes,
For the fist time,
So today again,
I'll tell you as I said before,
I would choose you forever more.

I love you to the moon and back,
And if I could I'd hold it for you.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I discovered,
That life is not unfair,
Not unfair at all,
In that fact that it is unfair,
Lays the fairness,
How ironic,
Since life is unfair,
For all of us,
Equally unfair,
That makes life,
Pretty fair again...
Strange how a little change,
Of perspective can in fact,
Change your perspective...
Life is full of,
Incredible mind breaking,
And heartaching yet,
Still groundbreaking,
There are so many reasons,
To hate and love,
All at the same time,
If only we all had the same eyes,
Or if only we all saw,
Nothing the same,
That's the beginning of the game.

It's a sad earplug in, world out kind of thought, that made me,
appriciate the world even more.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Angels flew.

He stood,
Hair covered,
Underneath the hood,
I shivered,
Knowing this look,
Not long before,
He started to talk,
And I shook,
My head in absence,
In wanting to flee,
Seeking ignorance,
I wanted to unknow,
What I know now,
But it was to late,
It fell on my plate,
He stood,
Eyes down,
Red lids,
Bite marks on his lips,
His hair covered,
Underneath his hood,
If only I hd not know,
Where to belongs,
This mood...

The skies turned black and blue, when I heard about you.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Back to strangers

We met so many years ago,
I still exactly know,
What you were wearing,
The way you where staring,
Following me with you're eyes,
It took me by surprise,
You started the conversation,
Yet it was nor the place nor the occasion,
Some what uphead in time,
When we shared a dime,
I saw "some other time" as that night,
You're green brown eyes hold so much light,
You made me smile like I never did before,
So I went looking for more,
You gave me a call,
On that date I took a fall,
I fell in love and hard,
My whole soul every single part,
I laid out for you to see,
All that is called "me",
It seemed you liked it,
For you admitted,
That I was not the only one taken a hit,
We met so many years ago,
We both know...
Even after all we been trough,
We now are at the same point as we started,
We're strangers,

Alone I roam the streets, we're stranger so I'm left now,
by myself, alone. Overthinking all, and I've come to the
conclusion, we're strangers, again.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My future self

First I always used to think when I could go back in time,
I would change so many things,
Take away all the pain,
And make everything okay,
But just now...
As I am getting older,
I started to realize,
That maybe having experienced all that,
Has made me the person I was always longing to become,
Maybe it helpen me get where I wanted to go,
In a very unusual way...
I looked into the mirror,
Into my own eyes,
And started to smile,
We are not the weight of all of our memories,
Nor are we the scars that where left on our skin,
We are only what we believe ourselves to be,
In whatever kind of way you want to see,

Do something today that you future will thank you for.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Read my mind

I can read you're mind,
Dont try to scam me,
I can see,
Everything you think...

I can read you're mind,
Know you like the back of my hand,
Don't think I cant understand,
What you're thinking...

I can read you're mind,
Better then my own,
Tell me if you known,
Yourself as Well as you know me,
Cant you see?

I can read you mind,
And if can read mine,
Dont' you think we belong together?
For I do...
I do...
because you're eyes said you were feeling it too.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

It must have been love...

You stood there,
Watching over me,
I could feel you're eyes...

I stood here,
for you to see,
Worth the price?

We stood there,
Looking and pretenting,
That it does not hurt...

Yet it makes me break so much more...

If you would just say,
That I was right,
Instead of sorry...

All I want is for you to,
Say that you want this too,
As much as I do...

Say those words I been longing to hear,
Say what we tried to disappear,

It wasn't just a crush,
We where in love...

It must have been love...

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wild wild eyes

It took me by surprice,
His wild wild eyes,
He pushes me as far as I could go,
Still I didnt want to let him know,
This man has cured my every ill,
This man he makes me still,
This man, this man,
This man, this man...
It took me by surprice,
This reckless in my eyes,
He makes me crave,
Untill I can be no more brave,
I have to stop and behave,
But I dont want to no, no, no, no...
It took me by surprice,
Eyes, eyes, eyes...

Wild wild eyes, drawing by Carmen Verduyn. 

Drawed this on myself what ya think?
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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Everything had changed

I lost myself,
About eight days ago,
Found myself,
Part of it,
Six days ago,
His eyes met mine,
All at once,
The only thing I knew,
Was nothing,
As it was before,
All had changed,
Moved their place,
The world had gained,
And now all I know,
Ever since late am,
Since yesterday,
Is that now,
Has changed...
I found myself,
In the beauty,
Of you're cracked soul...

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Having trouble sleeping...

Somehow it seems,
Lately I'm having trouble sleeping,
I can't fall asleep,
Or stay asleep either,
I keep on waking,
Or I just have this insomnia,
That keeps me up until 2 A.M,
Just waiting for my eyes to close,
To drift off and dream as a rose,
But I cant,
I really can't,
For I no longer know,
I to dream and so,
I stay awake,
Until my eyes break,
Somehow it seems,
Lately I'm having trouble dreaming
I can't fall asleep...
I tried picturing you in a dream,
And there it went like I've never seen,
You're face before,
I fell asleep on the bathroom floor,
Dreaming about you more and more and more,
Somehow it seems,
Lately I'm having trouble sleeping,
I just wanted to let you now,
For if you have the same problem we could go,
And accompany each other,
When the dark comes to smother,
So we could lay close and sing gently,
Song to fall asleep to,
For me and you...
So if it might seem,
Like you have trouble dreaming lately,
Dream a little dream of me,
Or come over a little closer,
And you might see,
A little dreamy me...

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Look at you like this

We were cornered,
You on the left,
Looking at me,
Those eyes like that,
I know that look,
What a shame,
What a waste,
All my love,
All my time,
Just thrown away,
There I stood,
Looking at you,
Watering eyes,
Now don't you dare,
To say you care,
And that you,
Dont want me to,
Cuz I will,
Look at you,
Like this,
I roll my eyes,
And stare you dead,
Gonna turn my head,
When its a word you said,
All of these days,
I thought you were mine,
All of these weeks,
I thought this is it,
But my heart got...
A hit...
And now,
I will look at you,
Like this,
Roll my eyes,
When you say dear,
Raise my eyebrow,
When you come near,
I will look at you like this,
And you're gonna wish,
I would take it easy,
On you,
Like I always was,
But I...
I will make this hard,
Gonna make you start,
To wonder,
Why you left,
Make sure that you,
Know... That,
I will look at you,
Like this...

I'm gonna look at you like this...

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How I fall asleep

Watching you watching me,
Is how I fall asleep,
In countless cuddle evenings,
Where I realised,
That I dont have to close my eyes to dream,
When youre sleeping and I,
Feel youre arms scearching for me,
I feel myself glowing,
For even without knowing,
Youre scared to lose me,
You want me on youre side,
So now babe,
Dont you worry that pretty face of yours,
I will be there time and again,
I love you,
I swear I do...

And that's how I fall asleep.

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Perfect have we loved

Long long days,
When my nights,
Used to be about you,
Those nights,
With all our friends,
Laughing and rolling their eyes,
Because of us,
The two of us,

Long long hours,
That I used spend with you,
Things we used to do,
Those chores,
That I hate to do,
They actually weren't that bad,
With you...

Long long parties,
With my family,
No you're not here,
To make my smile appear,
Oh baby,
All the stupid this we used to do...

Long long time grounded,
When I was with you,
The time we came home in the morning light,
The night we fell asleep with the tv on,
The summer day we had to walk home,
Or that one time we re-played the notebook...

Long long tears,
When I hear +Taylor Swift's 'perfect have I loved',
For we used to sing it,
We used to know already,
That perfect have we loved,
So there we go,
If you love me then I love you,
I'd like to keep you till I'm old...

Perfect have we loved, you mean the world to me...

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Friday, March 28, 2014

The kind of lost that feels like being found

Then and there,
On that may 14th I think,
At milky twilight, 
Underneath the cabets roof,
Just a second,
A glince of ethernety,
I saw it in you're eyes,
And I got lost,
The kind of lost that feels like...
Comming home,
The kind of lost that feels like...
Being found,
Like I could finally breathe,
I stood there foolishly madly falling,
And you smiled because you knew,
The way I was looking at you,
Was exactly the same as your look,
And for this moment,
Then and there,
We had our own little infinity,
Holding hands,
Taking the first chance,
For an ever lasting slow dance,
To make those notes,
Playing our song...
To make 'us' an 'us' and,
To make 'what if's' and 'maybe's',
And every now and then,
I let myself go back to that moment when,
We had our little infinity,
For we stand still in my dreams,
And we just stay there for ever,
Look at each other,
Falling in love over and over again,
For the first and the last time,
Every single time again,
In our song,
Our place,
Our infinity...
Looking right in the eye,
I get lost every night,
But I find myself in this moment,
Just before daylight,
Every single night...

Just before daylight, every single night,
my bed reminds me, we are the best couple ever.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A reason to hope

And I said,
All I need is a reason to hope,
I don't care how little,
I don't care what it is,
As long as it is a reason to hope,
A reason to stay here,
A reason to believe,
A reason not to let go,
A reason is all I need,
But if you son't see any,
Just let me,
Open up you're eyes,
And pick you up,
We'll stumble on,
Untill we stumble upon,
A reason to hope,
A reason to hope is all we need,
Just one.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Like water

Her smile,
Is like water,
Never the same,
But always beauty,
Her lips,
Taste like water,
There is no name,
To pin point the taste,
Its mysterios and rare,
You always want more,
Her eyes,
Are like water,
Bleu and schimmering,
It takes you away like waves,
They take you in,
And never let you go,
She's like water,
Washing away,
Everything from yesterday,
She's like water,
Washing away,
Wave afther wave...
Never the same,
But never so diffrent,
That I dont recognise her anymore...
She's like water